Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia (iOS 8)

ModMyi is one of the best cydia repositories. ModMyi has available very good stuff like iOS themes (Springboard), iOS wallpapers and other resources. That’s why ModMyi comes by default source (like BigBoss) on a brand new cydia installation (cydia integrated it on default cydia sources).

Anyway we receive some mails from cydia users that can’t find ModMyi location or for some reson they just deleted ModMyi from sources list. For those who don’t have ModMyi in their cydia sources here is the method to add ModMyi Repo to cydia.

ModMyi Repo - adding repo to cydia

Adding ModMyi Repository to Cydia

  1. Launch Cydia from your home screen
  2. Go to the bottom menu and tap “Sources
  3. Make sure you don’t have ModMyi Repositoy in your sources list already
  4. Go to the top left corner of your display and tap “Add Source
  5. Check in the end of the post the ModMyi Repo Url and enter one of the two urls
  6. It will take a while to fetch the source
  7. Go to Sources List and you may have ModMyi Repo installed

ModMyi Repo URL


Now you know how to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia on iOS 8 (it would also work fine with iOS 7 and bellow) you may explore more cydia sources, tweaks and themes. Every post about cyda tweaks & themes we post has a repository associated. To install that tweak / theme you just need to add the repo to your sources list on cydia.

If you cannot add ModMyi Repo to Cydia, try to remove it first (if you already have it installed but it’s not fetching / working) and follow the method we’ve introduced here to add ModMyi Repo to cydia.

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