What To Do When Apps From TutuApp Crash – Fix crashing apps from TutuApp

What To Do When Apps From Tutuapp Crash (example: AirShou, PS Touch etc.)

A lot of people have been experiencing problems with apps from TutuApp crashing, and you can follow these simple steps if you want to avoid the same thing from happening to you in the future.

Why these apps crash

This whole from started when Apple found out they had a certificate and they revoked it. Apple does this to keep your devices more secure and safer.

TutuApp is available in two versions TutuApp Regular and TutuApp Vip. You can check how to install both and more details here: Install TutuApp iOS 10 English.

Apps from TutuApp Vip may not crash as it happens in Regular version. If you don’t want to upgrade to TutuApp Vip (paid) check the next steps.

How to fix crashing apps from TutuApp (Regular version)

#1 – When an app of yours started crashing, you will need to open up Tutu and delete the app completely.

#2 – Open up Tutu and redownload it.

Important: Tutu usually doesn’t work on weekends, so if an app crashes on Friday, you won’t be able to get it again until Monday.

This is very inconvenient, but that’s the way it is for right now. This doesn’t take very long and it is a definitive solution, though it is annoying. Redownloading the app won’t take long, but you are going to lose all of your data from it unless you save it.

So you will need to remember to save your data before deleting and redownloading the app on your device. If you don’t care about losing your data, you can just go ahead and delete it.

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