Are the iPhone 7 Airpods Safe for Health?

Are the iPhone 7 Airpods Safe for Health: iPhone 7 can be used with with “Airpods”. For those who will buy it this health advice should be interesting. The question is: Are the Airpods Safe for Health?airpods health safeWhat are the Airpods: Airpods are the new wireless headphones that Apple will sell with the new iPhone 7. Airpods are the EarPods successors that communicate with iPhone devices by Bluetooth.

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Joel Moskowitz, PhD Director and Principal Investigator, Center for Family and Community Health of Berkeley School of Public Health said: “why would we put devices that transmit microwaves into our ears“.

The fact is that all of us know that is better to talk using headphones with wire or free speaking.

But this kind of headphones are not new in market. Any Bluetooth headphones work with microwave transmission and are also used directly in ears.

The question is the frequency used on Earpods that was not announced yet but Apple afirms that is according to safety standards.

We are updating this post with more sources but we think this question isn’t new.

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