Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone / iPad and iPod Touch

Best Free VPN Apps for iPhone and other iOS devices: There are a lot of different VPNs that you can use, but some of them are better than others. Those who are looking for a way to browse the internet without being completely exposed to security threats will find that there are quite a few VPN choices, but the following ones are definitely among the best.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and the most common reason people use them is to access websites or online services that are blocked.

Sometimes websites are blocked by a school or by an entire country’s government.

Using a VPN can allow you to access websites and/or services that you might not be able to otherwise. You will be able to access all of the following VPNs through the App Store.

1 – Betternet

Betternet is the first VPN we will discuss. Although it works fairly well, there are probably some better options out there. This is a good start for those who have not used a VPN before.

Once it has installed on your device, you can click the button that gives you a 7 day free trial of the Premium version, or just x out of it to get the app started. Tap on the Install button, Profile, and Allow. You can choose the location that you want if you have the Premium version. Go to Connect and the VPN will start working.

If you want to make absolutely certain that the VPN you have installed is working, you can always go to Google and enter “what’s my IP address” just so you can see that the IP address that appears is not really yours.

Download and install Betternet here.

2 – VPN Master

The second VPN is called VPN Master. Once again, you will be able to download it in the App Store. Just tap on the “x” in the corner of the first window that pops up when you load the app. One of the best things about this app is that you can select the location you want.

The interface of this VPN app looks great and it is very simple as well. If there is a service that is only available in the United Kingdom, all you have to do is go into the Locations section of the app and choose the UK location. If you want to disconnect, simply tap on the power button and hit disconnect.

Download and install VPN Master here.

3 – TouchVPN

TouchVPN is by far the best VPN app for those who want to access websites or services that are restricted in their country. You will notice that there are lots of different countries to choose from, including Turkey, Japan, UK, U.S., Canada, and many others.

Most of the time you need to purchase the premium version of the app to access this many different locations, but that is not the case with this one. This VPN app is completely free, and it works really well. If you want to disconnect, just tap the disconnect button.

TouchVPN is very easy to use, though its interface may not be as intuitive as some of the others out there.

Download and install TouchVPN here.


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