ByeShutterSound: Remove Camera Sound iOS

Remove Camera Sound iOS 9: ByeShutterSound is a tweak that you can get to completely remove that annoying shutter sound every single time you take a picture using the Camera app.

This is a free jailbreak tweak for iOS 9 devices, including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. If you like so many others have a problem with the sound that your device makes when you take a picture, this tweak will work very effectively without any issues whatsoever.

Anyone with a device running iOS 9 will be able to take advantage of this tweak. One of the best things about ByShutterSound is the fact that it is so simple and easy to get. This tweak is available through Cydia in the BigBossRepo. If you want to put an end to the annoying camera click sound when you take photos with your device’s camera, this is all you will need to do.

You will need to have your device jailbroken in order to take advantage of this tweak. If your device is not currently jailbroken, you will have to do that before you can install this tweak.

Download and Install ByeShutterSound Cydia Tweak

ByeShutterSound tweak is very easy to use; all you have to do is install it. For that: open Cydia > go to Search tab > search for “ByeShutterSound”> tap “Modify” > tap “Install”. If you get any error here just tap “Modify” and then “Clear” and try to install again.

ByeShutterSound Remove Camera Sound iOS - download

Then go into Settings app to enable and disable it whenever you want.

ByeShutterSound Remove Camera Sound iOS - settings

The is an easy way to turning off the Camera sound on iOS. If you know more methods, please share with us.


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