CrashReporter – View Details Of Springboard Crash

Introducing CrashReporter Cydia Tweak

Never uninstall and reinstall tweaks / apps again every time you need to know which one is causing a springboard crash in your device.

CrashReporter Cydia Tweak offers a way for you to get detailed information on your springboard crashes so you can more accurately diagnose the problem that is occurring.

The great thing about CrashReporter is that if a tweak causes your springboard to crash, you will be able to identify which one it is.

CrashReporter Cyda Tweak

Viewing details about a crash

Those who have a lot of different tweaks on their device can have a very difficult time narrowing down which one in particular caused the crash.

With this tweak you will no longer have to worry about repeatedly installing and uninstalling tweaks until you find out which one is the problem.

When a tweak crashes and you go to the lock screen, it will have a notification pop-up so you know which tweak caused the crash. There are numerous sections, including apps, app extensions, and services. All of these sections provide the user with a plethora of useful information, so you will definitely want to take the time to read through them.

This tweak also allows you to view crash logs every time you experience a crash, which can give you more detailed information.

CrashReporter - crash log

You will find that this tweak also offers detailed information on each of the tweaks on your device, which can be highly useful for a number of reasons.

The information that is provided in each of the sections within this tweak are things that most people do not know about their own devices, which is precisely why you will want to look into it as soon as possible.

CrashReporter Settings

Another great thing about CrashReporter is that there are a variety of options and settings to explore, including notifications for when you have excessive CPU and memory usage as well as low memory.

CrashReporter - crash log

CrashReporter is an innovative tweak that many people should find very useful overall. CrashReporter 1.13.0-1 supports iOS 4 – 9.0.2.

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