Cydia Alkaline+Apple logo Alkaline Battery For iOS 7 (cydia tweaks)

Alkaline is a new jailbreak tweak (thanks ModMyi) that makes it simple & easy to theme the status bar battery indicator. Baiscally it will change the status bar battery indicator that came as default (see the image). You don’t need to have WinterBoard or other installed in order to use Alkaline. This post will show how to install cydia Alkaline tweak with Alkaline Battery for iOS7 theme.

alkalike+apple logo

Image 1

How to Install Cydia Alkaline

  • Go to cydia
  • Tap Search
  • Search “Alkaline”
  • Pick: Alkaline from ModMyi (Tweaks)
step 1

Image 2 – Install Cydia Alkaline

Ho to Install Apple logo Alkaline Battery

  • Tap Install
  • Continue Queuing
  • Pick: Apple Logo Battery from ModMyi (Addons)

Image 3 – Install Apple logo Alkaline Battery

  • Tap Confirm
  • Cydia > Alkaline > Theme > Apple Battery Alkaline

Restart and Enjoy!

If you have any question, please comment or watch the video bellow.


Note: to see the battery icon you need to plug you iDevice charger. The Apple Alkaline icon is pretty cool. It looks so professional as the original.

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