Cydia Hack for Flappy Bird (with iFile)

Cydia Hack for Flappy Bird Introduction: Flappy Bird is currently one of the most popular games that is being talked about. Those who have an iOS device and want to play this game will find that there is a very useful Cydia hack and it is relatively easy to perform.

If you want to edit the length of the pipes in this game to make it more challenging or easier, you will have to go through a step by step process first. You will, however, need to make sure that you are using a jailbroken device and have iFile (you can download iFile from cydia) along with the game itself before beginning.

  1. After iFile has finished installing on your device, you will need to go to “Application Names” which is located in the device’s settings
  2. Open the file and go to “/var/mobile/Applications” and tap the folder that says “Flappy Bird
  3. Once you have opened this folder you will want to open the “” folder and then open the “atlas.txt” file in Text Viewer
  4. Select the “edit” option and keep scrolling until you see “pipe_down 52 270 0.58984375 0.5273437” (see image bellow)
  5. Making sure you are still in “edit mode”, change the “270” number to “4” in the long string of numbers that starts with “pip_down”.
  6. After you have made this change, tap “Save” and “Done” to confirm the changes.
  7. Once you are done editing the file with iFile, activate the App Switcher and close the Flappy Bird application by swiping up on it and taping “close”.

flappy bird hack altas

Then you will need to open up Flappy Bird and start playing. If you followed all of the previous steps correctly, you should be able to choose the length of the pipes in this game. This is a great hack for those who want to make certain levels in the game easier or harder, depending on how confident they feel.

flappy bird hack

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