Best Cydia Sources (Repos) For iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks (2017)

Best Cydia Sources (Repositories) For iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks (2017): There are a number of different Cydia sources for iOS 10 and 10.2, and it’s important that you know what some of them are so you can get all of the tweaks you need.

Danny Glover’s Cydia Repo

Danny Glover’s Repo has a number of iOS 10 tweaks, such as NoFolderBackground, NoLongPressKeys, NoShareReddit, NotToday10, and many others.

Cydia Source URL: http://

Rishanans Cydia Repo

Rishanans Repo also has quite a few great Cydia tweaks that you will want to explore, including ActiveSubstrate, which alerts user on boot / respring if substrate is activated. There is also the BlackKeyboardEverything, which gives you a black keyboard throughout your entire phone.

NeverLowerMusic is a tweak that will ensure that your incoming notifications do not lower the volume of the music you are listening to. These are all compatible with iOS 10.

Cydia Source URL: ""

Fidell’s Cydia Repo

The next Repo is Fidell’s Repo, and there are a few that are completely compatible with iOS 10. With this particular Repo, you will find tweaks like StatusVol2 and StatusVol X.

There is also Swipe for Activator and ThemeBoard, which is a keyboard theme intended to be used with LockK. The AppCustomizer tweak allows you to customize the WhatsApp app, which you might be interested in if you use it.

Cydia Source URL: ""

CP Digital Darkroom Cydia Repo

The CP Digital Darkroom Repo has a lot of tweaks for iOS 10 and 10.2. This repo always gets updated, so you can expect new tweaks to be added.

Cydia Source URL:

CCabral Cydia Repo

The CCabral Repo only has a few tweaks, but it is still worth looking into. These tweaks are fully compatible with iOS 10 and iOS 10.2. One of the tweaks you will find in this repo is CCTButtonActions, which will provide you with a force touch actions control center on your device.

Cydia Source URL:

Final note: to add any of these repos (sources) you’ll need to open up cydia > go to sources > tap “Edit” and Add the link o the repo you want that are listed in the end of the description of each repo in this post.

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