Cydia Tweak Aeuria LS – Change the iPhone clock interface

The Cydia Tweak Aeuria LS allows those who use an iPhone to change the iPhone clock interface to one that is much more stylish and attractive. This particular tweak offers a number of different animations and customization options so you can choose how you want your clock interface to look. The Aeuria LS tweak offers three different types of clocks, including: text clock, digital clock, and analog clock.

Change the iPhone clock interface

The digital clock interface that this tweak offers is just about what you would expect, but it definitely has a nice clean look.

The same can be said about both the text and analog clock interfaces. No resprings are required to switch over from one clock interface to another, but you will have to enter your passcode each time if you have one. You can pick your own font and it applies immediately as soon as you choose one.

You can go into the “style” section to select the color that you want for your new clock interface. There are blur settings, allowing you to get the exact color that you want. There are so many different color combinations that you should be able to find one that you are happy with eventually. There is also background color, overlay color, and “hide status bar” for some of the other options.

If you pick “Clock Type: Text”, you can also customize the Clock Face Fonts (check the next image).

clock face settings

There are additional settings that you can change, including one that allows you to hide inter passcode text. You can choose to use the “Zero” button as well, depending on your own personal preferences.

You will find that there are also other settings that allow you to change things like pass button radius and text height as well as pass button padding, pass field height, and more. This tweak is definitely useful for those who want a different clock interface on their iPhone and the power to control all aspects of it.

To install Cydia Tweak Aeuria LS you need to have your device jailbroken and cydia installed. Then it is very simple you just need to search for “Aeuria” after adding BigBoss repository to you Cydia Sources.

Aeuria LS from BigBoss repo

If you are using this tweak share what do you think about it with us.

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