Download and Install Extensity iOS 9-9.2.1 / iOS 9.3 No Jailbreak

Download and Install Extensity on iOS 9 without jailbreak: “Extensify it’s finally here”. Extensity was announced some months ago (we’ve presented Extensify here) and everyone who became interested on it (Extensity permits to install tweaked apps on non-jailbroken devices) was expecting for the public release.Yes, now you can have Phantom Snapchat working on a non-jailbroken device (this is one of the most popular bu you have more). Before you get excited let’s see some previous notes:

  • Extensify can be installed on iOS 9 – 9.2.1/ iOS 9.3.
  • Extensify is compatible with iOS 9.3 but requires a Mac PC (if you own iOS 9.3 and don’t have a Mac read the final notes).
  • iOS 9.2.1 don’t require any PC.
  • Extensify is not free. It costs 8.99 $ for 2 months subscription plan (3$ er month).
  • Right now you need a code (we’ll show you how to get it) to get Extensify but we believe that soon it may be installed by everyone without any code.

Let’s see how to install Extensify on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

Step 1: the first thing you need to do is to go to and tap on “Apply for code”.

extensify - step 1 - apply for code

Step 2: input your email address and tap on “Apply”. You’ll receive tge activation email.

extensify - step 2 - apply for extensify

Step 3: open your email app and check for you activation code email. Copy the code.

extensify - step 3 - extensify promo code

Step 4: back to and enter your promo code. You’ll be prompted to purchase. As we said before to use this app you need to purchase a subscription plan 8.99$ for 3 months. Then you’ll be prompted to a payment confirmation page informing you received an activation / installation email.

extensify - step 4 - subscription plan

Step 5: go back to your email app and check for “”Extensify Purchase Confirmation email” > tap on “Install Extensify” link contained on this email.

extensify - step 5 - confirmation email

Step 6: tap Identify Device > tap “Install” and “Install” again > identify with your login credentials > tap “Install Extensify” tap “Install”.

extensify - step 5 - identify decive

extensify - step 6 - install certificate

extensify - step 6 -login

extensify - step 6 - install extensify

Step 7: go to “Settings” on Home Screen > “General” > Profiles & Device Management > Developer App (* > hit “Trust “*”” > “Trust” button again > exit from Settings app > go to your Home Screen and launch Extensify.

extensify - step 7 - trust profile

Here it is running on an iPad:

Extensify iPAd

Final notes:

  • Do you own iOS 9.3 but you don’t own a Mac? You have these options: 1) downgrade iOS 9.3 (we’ll post a tutorial for that soon) or 2) emulate OS X (using a virtual machine – you can check a similar process we’ve used to jailbreak iOS 9 on Mac  > check section 2, but we’ll add a tutorial soon).
  • I think the idea is good and it makes all the sense but being a paid application we don’t are sure about this application success. If we look cydia and other big projects are free and gained huge dimension because of that. What if an open source community decides to develop “an open Extensify”?

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