Download and Install MacOS Sierra on Mac

MacOS Sierra download and installation is an extremely simple and easy process that shouldn’t take too long. MacOS Sierra is available directly from Apple official website for download.

Before going to download & install we strongly recommend to verify if your device is compatible with MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra Compatible Apple Devices (requirments)

iMac models compatible with MacOS Sierra

  • iMac (late-2009 and later)

MacBook models compatible with MacOS Sierra

  • MacBook (late-2009 and later)
  • MacBook Pro (2010 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2010 and later)

Mac mini models compatible with MacOS Sierra

  • Mac mini (2010 and later)

Mac Pro models compatible with MacOS Sierra

  • Mac Pro (2010 and later)

Download and Install MacOS Sierra (Preview)

Open Safari and go to MacOS Sierra Preview download page to get the install file or get it directly from here. The “10.12.dmg” file size is 4.7 GB so the download will take some time.

Once you have downloaded the install file, go ahead and open it up. You will be presented with a screen that shows a fairly lengthy terms of use thing, which you will want to click “Agree” to at the bottom.

Another smaller window will pop up asking you to acknowledge that you have read the terms of the software license agreement, to which you will want to click “Agree” again.

Next you will want to tap the “Install” button and enter your Apple developer username and password. MacOS Sierra will then start installing. You will see the progress bar as it installs, and it shouldn’t take too long to complete. After it is done installing you will want to click the “Restart” button to restart your computer.

After the restart process is complete, your Mac computer will be upgraded to MacOS Sierra. You will see the standard Terms of Use page and a window that pops up. Simply click “Agree” in the smaller window and you will see a page that tells you it is setting up your iCloud account.

You will then be asked to set up your files for the iCloud drive. You can choose to do right away or later on. It will also ask you whether or not you want to enable Siri, and then it will set up your Mac, which shouldn’t take very long at all. You will then be brought to the desktop where you can begin using this new operating system.

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