Download and Install vShare iOS 10 Without Computer

In this tutorial: download and install vShare on iOS 10 (iPhone, iPad or iPod) without computer / jailbreak.

The main installation vShare installation method requires the installation of vShare Helper Windows tool that once installed is used to install vShare app on one connected iDevice. That process is long and is not possible without a PC.

Check how to install vShare without PC:

Install vShare on iOS 10 without Computer


This tutorial is divided in 2 main steps. The first one consist in installing an installer (a Cydia alternative without jailbreak need). The second one consists in using that installer to install the vShare app on iOS. Following these instructions no PC is needed.

1 – Install Mojo Installer

Step 1: Install Mojo Installer on your iDevice. Mojo is a Cydia alternative without jailbreak need.

Step 2: Open Mojo app. Tap “Packages” tab on the bottom menu and scroll down until you see “vShare” (vShare 3.2.0 – Official Mojo Repo” icon. Tap on it.


2 – Install vShare app (no PC)

Step 3: One on vShare installation window tap on “Install” button. Tap install on “ would like to install vShare” popup.


Step 4: While vShare gets installed on your iDevice: open the Settings app. Go to “General“. Open “Day and Time” tab. Toggle “Set automatically” to off. Set date to “July 10 2012“.


Step 5: Go back to Settings app. Open “Profiles and Device Management“. Under “Enterprise Apps” tab check which one is associated with vShare (the correct one shows vshare logo). Tap “Verify App” and “Verify” again. You’ll notice the verified text near to the logo.


Step 6: Go back to you home screen and open the vShare app. Done.


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