Download AppleWatchStore tool: Apple Watch apps screenshots

Download AppleWatchStore tool. We are very waiting for Apple Watch arrival on the stores and at the same time a lot of Apple Watch apps are blooming in all blogs and apple tech related websites.

While it occurs a new tool became public that is specially amazing for those who are trying to figure out how the Apple Watch Store apps will look like. This post has the direct download link for this tool, but first let us introduce it.

How AppleWatchStore tool works

After downloading it you only need to past an app URL (directly from iTunes) and paste it in the AppleWatchStore tool, then you will get a result similar with the next images. It generates a kind of collage with some screenshots of the apps you paste.

Yes, you can see how the apps will look like installed on an Apple Watch without having one. May this will be very useful for those who are fans of certain app and would like to have a preview before buying Apple Watch.

 Workflow Powerful Preview with AppleWatchStore Tool

Download AppleWatchStore tool

Clear Tasks Reminders To Do Apple Watch App Preview with AppleWatchStore Tool

Clear Tasks Reminders To Do Apple Watch App Preview with AppleWatchStore Tool

Instagram Apple Watch Preview using AppleWatchStore Tool

Instagram Apple Watch App Preview With AppleWatchStore tool

Important: it is only available for Mac OS, so if you are seeking it for Windows you have to wait, we will update this post when we find a similar AppleWatchStore tool for windows

Download AppleWatchStore tool: here

Update (27.4.2014): download link was fixed

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