Download CarrierEditor for Mac – customize iOS carrier logo

Download CarrierEditor for Mac – customize iOS carrier logo + Zeppelin Logos: this tool allows to customize iOS devices carrier logo. It will work with non Wi-fi only devices (works only with SIM compatible devices – iPhones and iPad with SIM).

The app was developed by “uhelios”, the Extensify founder and also brings a set of custom logos “Zeppelin Logos”.

Download and Install CarrierEditor for Mac

#1 – Download CarrierEditor for Mac here. Hit “Ok” so the .dmg file will be automatically mounted with DiskImageMounter (default macOS mounter).

#2 – A folder will show up. If you want to save Zeppelin Logos, copy / drag it to your Desktop. You can use these logos in other customization.

#3 – Depending on your security settings will not be allowed to open CarrierEditor directly. Hit “Ok”.

#4 – Open System Preferences > Security and Privacy. Then hit “Open anyway” button to open CarrierEditor.

#5 – Connect your iDevice to your Mac and hit “Let’s get started” on CarrierEditor. You’ll get the instructions to change carrier logo.

Probably you’ll need to take some action from your iDevice but all instructions will be shown by the app.

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