Download Glide – the one way video calling to Apple Watch

Download Glide for Apple  Watch and experiment the first one way video calling for this device.

This is probably one of the most wanted apps for iWatch. Glide is is the first app which permits one-way calling to Apple Watch.

Glide first app to bring video calling to iWatch

Before downloading, we will discuss some points about Glide app.

Is Glide a Skype alternative?

When I first heard about Glide this idea came to my mind. But no, it’s more like WhatsApp but it hasn’t half of it features (may be is supposed to be like that because Apple Watch is not a smartphone and by itself it hast not a keyboard and probably it will never have one).

When you receive a video message, you can preview it on your Apple Watch. Then you can take some actions like: Open on Phone (iPhone), Reply with Text (preset text in iPhone settings) or Dismiss. And yes, the replies only can be things like: “yes”, “no” or “talk later” because the screen of the watch is touch but it has not enough space to a keyboard.

Glide Reply To Video Call

We may remember that Apple Watch is an accessory for iPhone, so it may not work separately (basically to do communications, you have to carry both devices).

Glide Text Responses

Download Glide for Apple Watch

Want to try? To download this app just tap bellow.

download Glide - Live Video Messaging, Chat and Text

Glide Presentation Video to Apple Watch

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