Download and Install New 25PP app – iOS 9 / 10 NO Revoke – Without Jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod

Download and Install New 25PP app – iOS 9 / 10 – 10.3.1 and later: To follow these instructions and Download and Install 25PP store app a Windows PC is needed but you don’t need a jail-broken device.

25PP app allows you to install apps and game in your device. The apps/games installation from it is very quick. The server is powerful. And the best of all: 1 – you’ll find here games and apps that are not available on vShare for example and 2 – No revoke for installed apps.

Mac users: If you are a Mac user, you can install a virtual machine on your Mac to run Windows from it but the easy way is to get a Windows PC (from a friend or someone) do it. When installed on you iPhone / iPad no Windows PC is needed anymore.

Make sure you have iTunes installed (latest version); Important: NOT running but installed.

If you don’t have iTunes installed download the latest iTunes version. If you have, here are the instructions:

Download and Install 25PP on iPhone / iPad / iPod without Jailbreak

#1 – From windows computer – Open your browser and hit the 25PP download link:  “” – from her you can download de 25PP helper setup wizard .exe file. For that tap the blue button (sit is not in English but it is easy – check the image).

#2 – Launch the 25PP helper setup file from the location of your download on Step 1. Hit “Enter” to continue.

#3 – Once you get 25PP helper tool installed on your Windows PC. Launch the app (a icon will appear int he desktop) and close the intro screen. Then connect your iDevice to the computer (connect the USB cable).

#4 – When connected to you PC your iDevice will appear in the 25PP window tool. Tap the button you see in the image to install 25PP an on your device.

#5 – Go to you iPhone/iPad and launch the app from your HomeScreen. A pop-up for notifications will show up. You can allow it and if you want disallow it later from Settings.

#6 – To install an app / game just search for it and hit the blue button (check the image). enjoy it. Make sure you have original copy or license. If you don’t find the app you want on search continue reading.

Important: the 25PP app is not in English but the Apps / Download of games and programs are in English.

Searching in 25PP app

Important tip: when you search an app from 25PP sometimes the name of the app is available in the title in English other times not. Try to type “WWE” in the search form and scroll down the list. Probably you’ll find you app by the icon (worked for Grand Theft Auto, for example).

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