Download and Install Zestia on iOS 9 / iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Install Zestia on iOS 9 / iOS 10: Zestia gives the ability to install third-party apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. A Cydia Alternative without jailbreak need.

Zestia app for iOS

Zestia (previous name X-Cydia) is an app that will allow you to install all of the jailbreak apps you want on your Apple device without having to worry about jailbreaking it.

If you do not have this app on your device, installing it is a very quick and simple process that anyone can do.

You’ll need to install Zestia 2.0 to upgrade to Zestia Candice (most recent and stable version).

Update 2017: Zestia launched a new version (Zestia 11). This app runs in 32/64 bit iOS devices running iOS 7.1.2 – iOS 10.2.1

1 – Install Zestia (new Version)

Before start, if you have any Zestia installation on your device it is recommended to clean it before.

1 – Open Safari and hit this link: or use the following QR code.

2 – Tap the blue button “Install Zestia“. A profile containing Zestia will be installed in your device. You can remove the profile any time. It is a completely secure process.

3 – Tap “Install” on “Install Profile | Zestia Application Installer” screen. Tap “Install” again when you see “Thank you for choosing Zestia” screen. And then Install Profile. Finally tap “Done“.

4 – Go back for your Home Screen and launch Zestia app. Then new Zestia app icon is blue.

2 – Install Zestia 2.0 on iOS (old version)

1 – The first thing that you will need to do is copy and past “” in Safari.

Note: Zestia installer is only compatible with Safari.

2 – Once the page loads you will want to tap on the “Install Zestia” button.

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 1After that it will ask you to install a profile, so you will need to enter your passcode if you have one.

3 – Go ahead and hit next twice and then “Install” > “Install Profile” > “Install“.

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 2

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 3

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 4

After you do these things the application will be installed onto your device. You’ll be redirected to installation page. Close Safaria and find “Zestia” app that was installed. Launch the app.

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 5

2.1 – Install Zestia Candice on iOS

4 – You’ll be prompted to an installation screen. Tap “Upadate Zestia” button to update to Zestia Candice.

5- Now you’ll need to install Zedia Candice Profile. Check the instructions in the following images:

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 6

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 7

6 – After Zestia Candice profile installation you have Zestia 2.0 (it can be removed) and Zestia Candice apps installed:

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 8You can open Zestia Candice. You will find that this application will allow you to install applications like Movie Box, which allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your device.

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 9

Download and Install Zestia on iOS - 10

Another great third-party app that you will be able to download is iCleaner, which will allow you to clear up some space on your device and get rid of some of those junk files.

2.1 – Date loop trick (for Zestia 2.0)

Once the app is done installing on your device, it will tell you if it requires a date loop. If it does require a date loop, it will say yes. If it does not require a date loop, it will say no.

Before you launch the app you will want to go into Settings, General, and Profile & Device Management. Click on there and tap your new profile.

Tap “trust” and “trust” again.

If it does require you to use the “date trick” you will need to tap the “Install” button once you find an app you want.

Once the app attempts to install onto your device, it will fail. Once it fails, click “Done” and then head to Settings. Go to the “General” tab and then “Date & Time”.

Once you are in the “Date & Time” section in the Settings on your device, switch from manual to automatic.

You will also want to bring your date back to sometimes before 2014 or on 2014. If you click “Install” now, the application should install on your device.

Then you will want to go back into Settings, set the date back to automatic, and tap once back and scroll down to Profile & Device Management.

Go ahead and authorize the application to run on your device. You need to authorize every application you install to run on your device, whether or not you use the date trick.

The application will launch just like any other application. There have been a few sections that have been added to the list for each app. Take the time to look through some of them with each app that you want to install on your device.

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