Download iPhone 7 LIVE Bubble Wallpapers on iOS 10 (No Jailbreak)

How to get iPhone 7 Live Bubble Wallpapers on iOS 10: you can use it on your iPhone 6 S, iPhone 6 S Plus (as live wallpaper) or any other device: any iPad, iPhone 4, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus (as static wallpaper).

For this tutorial no jailbreak is required . We’ve added some cydia tweaks to set Live Wallpapers in non compatible Apple devices (check Install iPhone 6s LiveWallpapers in older devices and Install Animated Wallpapers in iOS 9) but now it is possible to make that without a jailbreak, on iOS 10 and with the bew iPhone 7 wallpapers.

These wallpapers are completely stunning. So how amazing is to download and set an iPhone 7 Live Wallpaper on any iDevice. Let’s see how to do that:

STEP 1 – open App Store and search for “Black Lite – Live Wallpapers“. Then tap “Install“.

Note: this app is free. You also have a PRO version with more iPhone 7 live wallpapers.

You can also skip this step by directly navigate to: “

STEP 2 – you’ll see an information box ‘”Black” would like to Access Your Photos’. Tap “OK”. The app will need access to you camera roll to save the wallpapers.



STEP 3 – once installed open Black app from your Home Screen. The app will download the iPhone 7 Live wallpapers for you.


For that just navigate to pick the one you like more. Tap on in. Then tap on the download button with down arrow.

STEP 3 – Back to Camera Roll and select the wallpaper you want. Actually the app downloads a movie in .MOV format that will set in your device as wallpaper. Remember to set it as wallpaper and select (Life Photo) as the wallpaper type. Then tap “Set”.


This app is useful for those do not own an iPhone 7 and would like to have the brand new wallpapers.

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