Download iPhone X Ringtone for use on any iPhone

Do you want to use iPhone X default / Reflection / exclusive ringtone? So let’s see how to download and use it right now on any iPhone.

No jailbreak or PC / Mac is needed. So you’ll just need your iPhone / iPad or iPod to get started.

Step 1 – Install Garage Band App (by Apple)

If you don’t have Garage Band installed yet so go ahead and install it from here on your Apple Device.

Step 2 – Install Total File Downloader App

This file downloader will be useful in one of the next steps so install it. You don’t need to pay for PRO version you can use the free version. This file manager will allow you to save files directly to Files app.

Step 3 – Download iPhone X Ringtone

Open Total File Downloader app (the one installed on Step 2); open the Browser option from the left side menu and paste this link: and tap return button from the keyboard. Once the link is loaded tap the “DOWNLOAD” green button and the tap Download again.

Set the filename. If you want keep “Reflection – iPhone X”. Then tap Download.

Now open the Menu and go to “Files” option.

Tap and hold “Reflection – iPhone X.m4r” field and then tap “Open In”.

Now select “Save to Files” option.

Select the GarageBand File Transfer folder that was created by default bu the GarageBand. And tap “Add”.

Step 4 – Use GarageBand to set the ringtone as your iPhone / iPad ringtone.

Open GarageBand from you Home Screen and tap: “Tracks” > “Voice”.

Go for the track editor. for that tap the icon on the left as you can see in the following image.

Tap the loop icon on the right.

Tap and hold on “Reflection – iPhone X.m4r” field and drag it to the track editor.

Now tap the dropdown arrow on the left and tap “My Songs” icon that will pop up.

Tap and hold “My Song” and then tap “Share”.

Tap “Ringtone” in the Choose a format option. You’ll be notified for success Ringtone Export. Tap “Use sound as” and then “Standard ringtone”.

So from now Reflection ringtone is not unique for iPhone X.

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