Download Nox App Player for Mac

Download and Install Nox App Player for Mac. Running on major macOS versions, including masOS Sierra. Run Android Apps on Mac. Nox App Player is an Android Emulator which means that Mac users can use Nox App Player to run any Android app or game (including Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run).


Nox App Player for Mac features

#1Nox App Player for Mac is an Android Emulator for Mac available for free.

#2 – Access to Play Store and install any app from there has you were in a Android phone.

#3 – It permits to play mobile games on Mac downloading it directly from Play Store or installing it from .apk files. Keyboard, mice and joysticks are available.

#4 – Nox UI is well designed  providing a great gaming experience.

#5 – Compatible with GPS based games.

#6 – Nox has a native browser and provides access to Play Store, Settings, Camera and People (contacts) has a real Android device associated to a gmail account (one gmail account is required to use Nox).

Install Nox App Player for Mac on Mac

Download Nox App Player for Mac

#1 – Download Nox App Player .dmg file here. Once download finishes open the .dmg file “Nox_installer_for_mac_v.dmg” that may be in your Downloads default folder. Drag Nox App Player icon into Applications Folder (check the image).

Download Nox App Player for Mac here (~358 MB).

#2 – Accept the Nox Installer for Mac terms and hit “Agree“.

#3 – Once installed go for Launchpad and hit the Nox App Player icon.

#4 – Depending on your security settings you may see that message: “Nox Player can’t be opened because is is from an unidentified developer”. It’s normal for some apps downloaded from internet. Hit “Ok“.

#5 – Open “System Preferences” tab. For that go for the  (Apple icon) and pick the 2nd submenu. Then open “Security & Privacy“.

#6 – You may see “Nox App Player was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer“. Hit “Open Anyway” (see the image).

#7 – Skip the slider from intro and you are done. Nox App Player is now installed on your Mac.

Running Nox App Player on Mac

Nox App Player can be used to emulate Android App. You can access to Play Store directly from Nox. You can also play games and use a browser. In the bottom menu you have your file manager for your virtual Android device such as the Downloads, Gallery and Settings.

Using Play Store: you’ll need a google account to access to Play Store. Here you can using an existing account or create a new one.

You’ll be asked to set up payment info if you never used your google account to access to the Play Store. You can hit “no Thanks” or just add a payment method if you are interested in buing apps from Play Store.

Here you have a screen from Play Store running using Nox.

Conclusion: Nox App Player is a great alternative for Blue Stack Emulator. If you are familiar with Blue Stacks, Nox works in a similar way.


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