Download Touché – MacBook Pro TouchBar Emulator

Touché is a MacBook Pro TouchBar Emulator for any macOS device. Which means anyon can enable the Touch Bar features on their macOS devices (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with or without Touch Bar, iMac and the Mac mini).

Requirements: macOS 10.12.1 version, specifically 16B2657. You can check your macOS current version going to “About This Mac” option.

Download Touché for Mac

  • Download Touché here (version 1.1.2 ~897 KB).

As it is an application downloaded from Internet, macOS may ask you if you are sure to open it.

Touché Preferences

Touché not only emulates the MacBook Pro touch bar in any Mac, iMac or Mac mini but also save screenshots that can be directly copied.

On the Touché preferences Toogle Touch Bar, Save Screenshot and Copy screenshot Keyboard shortcuts can be configured.

Automatically software updates can also be enables. It was not possible on the similar alternative for Touch Bar we posted (another Touch Bar emulator project from Github) Touch Bar UI for Mac.

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