Download Tweaked Deezer ++ on iOS and Hacks (iPhone, iPad iPod) No Jailbreak

Download and install Tweaked Deezer ++ on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad iPod touch) without jailbreak and get all Deezer premium features (including offline mode).If you have the original Deezer app that you got from the App Store, you will first need to delete it off your phone.

Download Tweaked Deezer ++ on iOS

#1 – You can get Tweaked Deezer ++ file by visiting in Safari on your device.

Keep in mind that you will not require a computer for any of these hacks, but rather just your device.

#2 – When you visit the link above to get the Deezer ++, tap the green button in the bottom (check the image).

#3 – Then simply click the “Install” button. Click out and you will see it installing on your Home screen. If it says “Unable to download” just go into Safari and clear website data in the settings and try again or try again later.

With Deezer ++ you will get all of the premium features. Another great thing about this hacked version of Deezer is that offline mode works perfectly without any issues. After installation search the icon on Home Screen and launch the app.

You’ll see this message: “Deezelife v0.2 – Fully Premium Features; Unrestrict Music; Thanks, juioverne!“. Skip this and go to Login or Signup, depending on whether or not you already have an account. Click “Try Premium for Free”. It doesn’t take very long to sign up for a Deezer account at all, so you won’t have to worry about this process being very time consuming.

Once you are in Deezer, go ahead and try to search for a song just to see that the app works without any issues. You will be able to use all of the premium features. Even after the trial ends, you will still have the premium features in this version.

Make sure you have an Deezer Premium account in order to use hacked version with no limitations.

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