Download vShare for PC – Windows (without jailbreak)

Download vShare for PC: vShare launched vShare Helper. Instead of installing vShare directly on you iDevice now vShare launched a tool you can install in your PC that will handle things between vShare market and your iPhone / iPad / iPode Touch.

vShare for PC (Windows Version) supports Windows and iDevices with iOS 7 to iOS 9 (latest version). You’ll not need any jailbreak on your iDevice to make connection between vShare for PC and your device possible and you don’t also need any Apple ID.

Download  Share for PC and install on Windows

Step 1: Open your browser on Windows PC and go for this URL “” the download will start directly, then save the installation tool somewhere you can find next.

Step 2: Run the vShareHelper_64/32bit.exe file as Administrator.

Step 3: You can now select “One key installation” – the green button or “Custom Installation” option. The only difference between these 2 options it that selecting “Custom Installation” you’ll be able to change the installation directory, select or unselect taskbar shortcut and start menu short cuts. Go for “Install Now” green button to continue with installation.

Download vShare for PC_1

Download vShare for PC_2

Step 4: Wait until vShare Helper is installed in your PC. When installation is complete you’ll receive a message: “Installation Finished”. When you see it go for “Try it now” green button.

Download vShare for PC_3

Download vShare for PC_4

Step 5: When vShare Helper launches if you don’t have your device connected it will ask you to connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch using the USB cable.

Download vShare for PC_5

Step 6: When iDevice is connected to PC vShare Helper starts Safely Authorizing process: “All apps can e installed for free after reauthorization“. Then click “Hidden” button.

Download vShare for PC_6

Download vShare for PC_7

Introducing vShare Helper (vShare for PC)

You have 4 main tabs at the bottom of the application container: Device, Apps, Tools and Downloads.

In the device tab you can see what is installed in your device, get information and handle updates including: Apps, Videos, Music, Ringtones, iBooks and files.

In the Apps tab you can select between iPhone and iPad. And then you can navigate: Featured, Games, Apps and Infinite (Gold Coins Apps).

In Tools tab you can: Reboot (one key reboot), Shutdown (one Key shut down) or Reauthorization (fix the bug of Apple ID requirement and App flashback).

The Downloads tab is useful to see the status of the download / installation of an app or game. Remember that vShare is a market place. What it does is to manage downloads and ensure the installation.

Install apps / games using vShare for PC (vShare Helper)

Step 1: go to “Apps” tab > select the app you want and select the “Download” button.

Step 2: go to “Downloads” tab and wait until vShare Helper downloads and install the app on your device.

Download vShare for PC_8

Step 3: When the app is installed on device open device and go to the last page of your Home Screen. Tap to open the app / game.

vShare for PC Q&A

Q1: Can I install vShare using Mac?

A1: The answer is yes. You can tuna virtual machine to run Windows from Mac. That is not a simple process but will work fine.

Q2: Do I really need to download vShare for PC to install apps / games?

A2: vShare also launched AppSoDo fot those who want to install apps / games on their devices directly on their iDevice without vShare Helper need.

Final note. Please make sure you have license / original copy of any app you install on your device using third party marketplaces.

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