Download WhatsMac – WhatsApp App for Mac OS X

WhatsMac is an WhatsApp app for Mac OS X without jailbreak need. WhatsMac (also known as ChitChat) allows WhatsApp users to receive notifications from theirs WhatsApp account on their Mac OS X .. it also allows text chat, media attachments (not upload), notification center and more. Cool right? This is a good integration WA to Mac.

Here it is how WhatsMac interface looks like:you have a simple Windows that has in the right a search bar for searching in you past WhatApp conversations, and a scroll list to access to your conversations.

WhatsMac - WhatsApp App for Mac OS X

WhatsMac requirments

  1. WhatsApp Web compatible device
  2. OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later
  3. WhatsApp Web only works with latest WhatsApp version. So make sure you have last version or update it before you install WhatsMac.
  • Important note about requirements: WhatsMac doesn’t requires jailbroken devices. Any iOS device with WhatsApp Web support will work fine.

Download WhatMac

WhatsMas is also known as ChitChat so if you see “ChitChat” in files don’t worry about that.

  • Download WhatsMac v1.3 here

How to use WhatsMac

After WhatsMac installation you can use the WhatsMac interface or as a faster alternative these keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘ + N for new text message
  • ⌘ + F for search on previous conversations
  • ⌘ + 1, ⌘ + 2, .. ⌘ + 9 for quick access to the last conversations

Conclusion: for those who are trying to have a Mac Client for WahtsApp this seems to be a good alternative because it doesn’t try to reverse WhatApp API or explores any bug. WhatsMac only deals (does does bridge) with WhatsApp Web that is an official WhatsApp project. Final and important note: WhatsMac was developed by Same Stone.


  • “Safari-version bug” was fixed on WhatsMac version 1.3 – if you are facing this error we recommend you to update.

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