Features to Expect in iOS 10 (Photos, Siri, 3D Touch, iMessage)

Features to Expect in iOS 10: There are a number of rumored features that are likely to become a reality when it comes to the highly-anticipated iOS 10.

iOS 10

iOS 10 Dropped devices

There are some devices that are going to be dropped with this new operating system however, including the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPad Mini 1.

Photos App Revamp

It is extremely likely that iOS 10 is going to completely revamp the Photos applications, so there will be a lot of focus on it with this new operating system.

The Photos app is expected to allow users to be able to edit specific parts of an image rather than overlaying the whole photo with a filter.

The Face Detection feature of this app is also expected to be greatly improved upon. Overall, there are a lot of changes expected to happen with the Photos app, and it will be for the better.


Another very exciting thing about the upcoming iOS 10 is that Siri will be receiving a full overhaul in terms of sheer functionality.

With this new OS Siri will be able to transcribe full voicemails and a possible third-party API could be available.


Unicode 9.0 support is something else that could allow for 74 new emojis.

Control Center

Apple is also going to be focusing on developing a Control Center for iOS 10, which is definitely something that a lot of people have been waiting for.

There is talk that there will be a new Low Power Mode toggle as well as being able to customize the controls in the Control Center.

3D Touch

The function of 3D touch will be expanded in iOS 10. Apple is trying to move away from the criticism that 3D touch is not useful by adding a lot of new functionality. Apple will definitely be expanding 3D touch with this new OS.

Sending money trough iMessage

There is also going to be a feature that will allow users to send money through iMessage. This is something Snapchat tried out but wasn’t very successful. Another feature regarding the Messaging app is that there will be a notification that will let you know that a word you use could be spelled wrong, providing you with suggestions to replace it with.

Available Contacts

Another feature could allow you to know which contacts on your phone are currently available for you to contact. You would get a little dot next to your contact that is available, and you’d be able to disable it if you want.

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