Forcy iOS 9 Cydia Tweak brings 3D touch functionality on older devices

Forcy is a cydia tweak available on BigBoss repository that uses the iOS operating system to emulate some functionalities that are available trough new hardware on new iPhone devices.

Activating a gesture (pressing during some seconds in the icon you want) it will focus on a new popup (it will blur the background) presenting the actions you can take next.Basically it will invoke 3D touch menu.

For example: pressing during some seconds the Camera icon will bring you a new sub-menu with “Take Selfie”, “Record Video”, “Record Slo-mo” and “Take Photo”. Pressing over the notes icon: “New Note”; “New Photo”; “New Sketch”. Over the Alarm will show you “Create Alarm”; “Start Stopwatch”; “Start Timer”. Check the next image:

Forcy iOS 9 cydia tweak

Yes. This will improve your iOS 9 experience if you don’t have 3D touch hardware device. Cutting the time you need to take a selfie or to create an Alarm etc.

Installing Forcy on iOS 9 jailbroken device

  • Open up cydia > go to the “Search” tab > search for “Forcy” > tap “Install” (1) > Restart Springboard. You can now hold pressing over some icons to see the tweak in action. You’ll start feeling like if you have an 3D touch device, believe me.

(1) Note: if you get an installation error, just tap Modify -> Clear

Forcy Settings

Going to Settings you can adjust Forcy settings. You can enable / disable it. You can activate “Haptic Feedback” > it will enable vibration when invoking the gesture. Enable / disable “Swap Invike Method” > swiping up will give you the ability to edit the apps.

Forcy Settings

You only need your device jail-broken to activate the main 3D touch functionalities, and this is not the unique tweak that brings this kind of new experience for iPhone / iPad devices, we will write more about the best tweaks to turn your non 3D touch hardware device in a “3D touch emulated device”.

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