GBA4iOS – Play Game Boy Advanced and Game Boy Color games on your iPhone (without jailbreaking)

If you want to be able to play old Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games but don’t have either of these handheld systems, you can install software on your iPhone that will allow you to play them without having to jailbreak the device first. Anyone who is a fan of retro games will definitely want to look into this hack, as it is easy to do and doesn’t pit your device at risk in any way.

Play Game Boy Advanced and Game Boy Color games on your iPhone

The GBA4iOS software that was developed by Riley Testut allows iPhone users to play Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on their phone so they can enjoy some of the classic games of all time without having to go out and buy the actual systems. This software is completely free and the process of getting it onto your phone, while quite interesting, is fairly simple. All you have to do to get this software on your phone is to set your device’s date back by a day and download the app from the official GBA4iOS website. When you are prompted with a popup window, simply tap “Install” and the installation process still start.

This emulator is definitely one of the better ones available and even comes with technical support as well as accelerated speed and multiple and locked save states, so you can save your games at any point.

Although normally you would have to jailbreak your Apple device to play retro games on it, this is not the case with this particular software. There is another web app called webNES that you can also use to play these games on your iPad or iPhone without having to jail break it, but it is filled with some bugs that are not in the GBA4iOS.

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