Get iOS 9 features on iOS 8 (iPhone/iPod/iPad) using Cydia

iOS 8 + Cydia Tweaks = iOS 9 (get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 using Cydia right now): This is probably one of the best posts this year. The true about iOS 9 is that some new features were already available with some cydia tweaks for jailbroken devices. And it is not a surprising because everyone knows that an open source developer community is stronger than any company (including Apple).

get ios 9 features using cydia now

The facts: a big part of what Apple Engineers were developing these last months was already available in the Cydia market. And … how amazing is that ? If you have a jailbroken device you can get iOS 9 features using Cydia right now.

How to get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 using Cydia

In this post we will introduce a set of cydia tweaks that will add to your iOS 8 jailbroken device the best new iOS 9 features.

  • iOS 9 Wallpaper – the first thing you should is to download iOS 9 Wallpaper and set is as wallpaper.
  • iOS 9 Search in Settings Feature – you can add this to your iOS 8 jailbroken device installing SearchSettings Cydia Tweak. Using this tweak you can search whatever you want in Settings screen. Which means that, when you open Settings from Home Screen a search bar will appear. Checkhow to download and install SearchSettings Cydia Tweak.

Search in Settings iOS 9 Feature

  • iOS 9 Low Power Mode – this new feature for saving battery which disable some device functionalities that drain some battery can be added to you iOS 8 device by installing BattSaver Cydia Tweak. In fact this is a good point and native feature, we’ve noticed that iOS 8.4 was draining battery faster than iOS 8.3 an bellow. But this feature arrived first for jailbreak users.

BattSaver Cydia Tweak

  • iOS 9 QuickType – Another new feature on new iOS is the possibility of making a selection swiping two fingers over the keyboard. You also can do this on iOS 8 using SwipeSelection Cydia Tweak. Basically what you had to do in the bellow versions of selecting a piece of text tapping over it can now be done using the keyboard. You can know more about SwipeSelection for iOS 8.

iOS 9 QuickType Feature

  • iOS 9 Keyboard Case Sensitivity – The iOS 8 keyboard shows uppercase letters all the time but in iOS 9 keyboard shows uppercase letters when you are typing with CAPS and lowercase letters when you are typing with CAPS off. You can bring this feature to iOS 8 using ShowCase Cydia Tweak. One more time Cydia developers did it first!

ShowCase Cydia Tweak

  • iOS 9 Split Screen – This is one of the best features for the new iOS release as native feature, using the screen divided for two different tasks. That was already possible for iOS 8 with SlideApp Cydia Tweak. Whit this tweak you can open two tabs dividing the screen in two parts.

iOS 9 Split Screen

  • iOS 9 Picture In Picture – You can add this feature using VideoPane Cydia Tweak. This will allow you to drag minimized video screens to the Home Screen for example. Check here more details and where to download VideoPane Cydia Tweak.

VideoPane Cydia Tweak

videopane cydia tweak

  • iOS 9 Spotlight App Recommendations – Get app recommendations by last used apps and more information about what you are searching for. You can add this kind of spotlight recommendation on iOS using RevelApp Cydia Tweak.

iOS 9 Spotlight App Recommendations

  • iOS 9 Music App Color – It looks very nice. It will adapt the color in the Music App to the image to get a better visual feeling. ColorFlow Cydia Tweak does the same thing creating the color change effect you can see in the next image. Here you can learn more about how to Colorize iOS Lock Screen and Music App with ColorFlow Cydia Tweak.

iOS 9 Music App Color

  • iOS 9 Music Queue – Use UpNext Cydia Tweak to get your favorite Music Queue. With this Cydia App you can create queue lists without updating to iOS 9. When the app is installed you’ll automatically see new buttons bellow music titles in the music app. Check here the tweak and where to install: UpNext Cydia App.

UpNext Cydia Tweak

  • iOS 9 Quick Reply API – The reply are now very quick with new iOS that brings multiple features to get access to reply input faster. Nuntius Cydia Tweak allows you to get the same speed replying for WhatApp messages. Check here more info about Enabling WhatsApp quick Reply with Nuntius Cydia Tweak.

Nuntius Cydia Tweak

  • iOS 9 Text Contact Photos – Now you have the photos in your contacts when are messaging. Install ConvoPics Cydia Tweak and you get the same effect. You can learn more about ConvoPics tweak and how to install / enable it.

ConvoPics Cydia Tweak

Some of these tweaks can be found in this repo: But we will add each tweak on download section so you can consult details about all tweaks soon such as knowing the repo for downloading and installing it using cydia.


  • We’ve added link to SearchSettings Tweak go you can check where to download and install it (15.06.23)
  • Added BattSaver Tweak link to check the tweak review and where to download and install (15.06.30)
  • Added UpNext Cydia App details (15.07.06)
  • Added VideoPane Tweak download details link (15.07.07)
  • Added information link regarding to ConvoPics tweak  (15.07.15)
  • Added information link regarding to Nuntius Tweak (15.07.21)
  • Added information about ColorFlow Cydia Tweak (15.07.23)
  • Added information about ShowCase Cydia Tweak (15.07.25)
  • Added information about SwipeSelection (15.09.03)

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