How to Hide Online / Offline Status on WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp messenger is definitely one of the most popular messaging apps for the iPhone right now, but a lot of people want the ability to hide their online/offline status so people cannot see when they are online or not.

Why people want to hide online status on WhatsApp? In my case this is something useful when I need to be concentrated and have no time to reply to my contacts. Considering we have a bunch of chat apps like FB Messenger, Gtalk, Skype etc. some can be disabled for a while to free your time.Another reason that leads me to do this is the privacy. Some people use WhatsApp to check if you are online or not and in the case of being waiting for a reply to an email or something they are sometimes checking every time whenever you are online or not.

Hide Online Status WhatsApp iPhone

If you want to increase your privacy when using this app, you will definitely want to take the time to read through these instructions which will help you do just that.

There are many different reasons why a person might want to hide the fact that they are online, and doing so is a very quick and easy process that won’t cost you any money whatsoever.

Hide Online / Offline Status on WhatsApp on iPhone

  1. Simply launch the WhatsApp application,
  2. Go to Settings by tapping the tab in the bottom right hand corner of the app (Image 1)
  3. Go to Chat Settings / Privacy and then Advanced
  4. Toggle the “Last Seen Timestamp” option to “OFF” (select one of the next options: “Everyone”;”My Contacts”;”Nobody” – selecting “Nobody” turns Last Seen Timestamp OFF). (Image 2)

Image 1 – WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings

Hide Online Offline Status on WhatsApp on iPhone- Settings

Image 2 – WhatsApp Privacy > Las Seen

Hide Online Offline Status on WhatsApp on iPhone - Last Seen

Now people will no longer be able to see whether or not you are online. The method of turning off Last Seen (selecting “Nobody“) will Hide your WhatsApp Online status to show your online status you just need to do the reverse (selecting: “Everyone” or “My Contacts” – check Image 2).

This is not a crack and it doesn’t require that your iPhone be jailbroken at all. If you want to switch back so that people can see when you are online, just toggle the “Last Seen Timestamp” to “ON” and it will be back to normal again.


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