How to Get iOS 11 Features on iOS 10 Jailbreak iPhone / iPad

For those who want to get iOS 11 features on iOS 10 jailbreak devices this is for you. The question is: why to upgrade if you can get the new features with jailbreak?

iOS 11 is available in beta mode but some of us can install it right now on our iDevices.

  • Cydia Repos needed: BigBoss and ModMyi. Since these are default cydia sources no additional source is needed to add to proceed.

Get iOS 11 Features on iOS 10 Jailbreak device

Open up Cydia > then search and install these 5 iOS 10 tweaks:

ONEHanded – this tweak adds a one-anded keyboard (for both hands).

ShyDock – your dock will be hidden and it back up whenever it is needed.

ControlCenterXI (iOS10) – iOS 11 Control Center interface on iOS 10. This is one of the biggest new features on iOS 11 and you can enable it on iOS 10 using ControlCenterXI tweak. And how beautiful the new control center is.

LockScreenXI (iOS 10) – iOS 11’s Lock screen interface to iOS 10.

CoreXI (iOS 10) –  CoreEleven cydia tweak will allow you to change some settings with Lockscreen, Video PLayer, Control Center and Notification center. For example – for the Lockscreen the Passcode and Music views can be enabled / disabled.

After installing this tweaks iOS 10 will looks like iOS 11 and you can keep iOS 10 until iOS 11 jailbreak is out.

Extra: The final touch. Download the last iOS 11 wallpaper.

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