How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 – iPhone, iPad, iPod NO Jailbreak

In this tutorial we will introduce a method to Install Kodi on iOS 9 + devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) with no jailbreak need (without jailbreak / cydia).

Updated: If you have a jailbreak we have a easiest way to install Kodi on your iOS device. Check here: how to install Kodi on iOS with jailbreak (Cydia will do all the hard work for you). You don’t have a jailbroken device? Continue reading we are sure you’ll learn something cool.

Kodi gives you the ability to do things like: watching / streaming a bunch of TV channels (we know lists of Kodi channels with more than 7000 channels) and also install video / radio addons. That’s right you can watch live TV on your iOS device.

Requirements (for this tutorial):

  • A Mac Computer with Mac OS or something like OS X Virtual Box (if you are running Windows, Linux or other OS)
  • iOS device: iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS9 (iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.1, iOS9.2, iOS 9.3 and later)
  • Download iOS App Signer for Mac
  • Kodi Deb File (check here the last Kodi .deb files for iOS)
  • Xcode (and Mac OS / OS X or virtual machine)

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9

Step 1: Download Kodi .deb file here.

Step 2: Open Xcode > “Create a new Xcode project” > iOS (left menu) > Application (left menu) > “Single View Application” > Next

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Create a new Xcode project

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Single Appliaction

Step 3: Set a Product Name (can be “Kodi” or anything you want) and Organization Name (your name or anything you want) > “Language” field select “Swift” > “Devices” field select “Universal” > Select “Include Unit tests” and “Include UI Tests” > Click “Next” > Click “Create” in the next screen.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Options

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Create* Keep”Source Control” checked and “Create Git Repository on” select your Mac (check the second image).

Step 4: In the new Xcode screen under the “Identity” tab pick the “Team” field (check the first next) > Select the provisioning profile that you are logged to (click add, you don’t need to pay for a developer account) > a warning with “No matching provisioning profiles found” may appear (check the second image) > click “fix issue” > you may see a pop-up labeled with “Resolve coding signing issues ..” and it may resolve things.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Team

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - No Maching Provisioning Profiles Found - Fix Issue

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Resolving code sisning issues

Step 5: Select the device destination: go to “Product” > “Destination” > and select the connected device. Check the next image.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Product destination

Step 6: Go to you Desktop (or the folder where you’ve downloaded the iOS App Signer to) > Select “Browse” (first image) > select the deb file for Kodi you’ve downloaded on Step 1 (second image) > Select the provisioning profile you’ve added on Step 4 > click “Start” > click “Save”. It will create an IPA file from the Deb file so you can install it from Xcode on your target device.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Select Browse

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Select Your deb file for Kodi

Step 7 : Open Xcode > Windows > Devices > Select your target device (1) > click the plus sign (2) and select the IPA file (the one you’ve created on Step 6) > click Open . It will deploy the application in the target device.

How to Install Kodi on iOS 9 - Device

Step 8: open you iOS device and go to the last page on your Home Screen > tap the Kodi icon to launch Kodi. Done you can now use Kodi on your iDevice.

Kodi on iOS 9

Note: this tutorial is based in a thread from Kodi official support forum. If you want to add useful info or any update please drop a comment.

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