How To Use Find My AirPods in iOS 10

Use “Find My AirPods” in iOS 10.3 and later: If you ever find that you have lost your AirPods and need to find them, there is a very quick and simple way to find them. Actually you can use Find iPhone app associated to your Apple ID to find AirPods.

Since these wireless headphones are quite small and lightweight, they can be easy to lose.

While there is no GPS in the AirPods themselves, you will still be able to use Bluetooth.

How To Use “Find My AirPods” in iOS 10 (10.3 and later)

#1 – From you iPhone open Find iPhone app (you can find it on the Home Screen or use the search bar to hit it)

#2 – You may login with your Apple ID credentials and then it should show up in your list of devices.

Just like all of the other devices, there are two different actions you will be able to take, including Navigation and Play Sound.

Important: If you are testing it, when it plays the sound, make sure they are not in your ear. You can choose to mute the right or left earbud.

If you have the left muted and tap on the right, it will unmute the left. You should be able to find your AirPods pretty easily with this feature if you lose them.

If they are not in range, it will show you the last known location.

There is a Find AirPods app released in the App Store, which can be useful. It is important to keep in mind that this app will not let you play a sound.

With this method you can also find your other Apple devices like : Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac Mini, iMac etc.

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