Install AppiShare on iOS 9 and later (iPhone, iPad)

And if you have a good alternative to vShare / HipStore and for that you would not need to download any app into your device. Also no jailbreak need. AppiShare is that. In this tutorial we’ll tell you how to have AppiShare installed in your iDevice to star downloading great apps as simple as that.

Step 1: Open you browser and go to : “”.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_1

Step 2: don’t install anything yet. Go to the “Share” button (i’t located near the reload button if you are using Safari). Then tap “Add to Home Screen”.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_2

Step 3: Set any name you want. You can set “AppiShare” since it is the name > tap “Add” again (check the image).

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_3

Step 4: Oh great you have now AppiShare in your Home Scree. As you know the App is not installed in your device (that’s better for you, you’ll not need any jailbreak or signing profiles or allowing permissions). It’s ready and you can access it whenever you want.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_4

Step 4: tap the AppiShare icon from your Home Screen. Now you have a list of Apps / Games. You also have the “Essentials” and “Best” sections if you want to explore. You have a big list. Select any item by tapping the arrow or hover the name.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_5

Step 5: once you’ve selected an app / game you’ll see a view with the app description > go to the bottom of this screen and tap the blue button “Download”.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_6

Step 6: you’ll see a message like the on you can see in the next image > tap “Install” if you can to continue.

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_7

The app will star starting and you can see the satus in the Home Screen check the last page).

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_8

Here you can see PlayBox running (the App we’ve picked for this example):

Install AppiShare on iOS 9_9 - Play Box running

Conclusion: AppiShare is consistent and it seems to be well developed. It is a great alternative for the big apps like this. So may be it will be bought anytime from some group if it has potential.

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