Install Extensity Tweak Store on iOS 8, iOS 9

Install Extensity for tweaks on iOS 8 and iOS 9 without jailbreak / Cydia. Extensify is a Tweak Store but it is not a Jailbreak or Cydia alternative. What Extensify does: it adds features to apps you install via App Store in a non-jailbroken device. Amazing right?

Not requiring a jailbreak means you don’t need to gain root access to your iOS device meanwhile you will be able to add great new features (tweaks) to some popular apps. This is great for those who upgraded their iOS to versions that are non jail-breakable yet for example.

Extensify interface is very simple. It is a “Tweak Store”. In the bottom you have 4 sections: “Extensify”, “Catalog”, “My Exos” and “Profile”. When in “Catalog” you have full description of the tweak, images, ratings and more information. Installed tweaks can be found in “My Exos” section where you have information about the tweaks, the compatible App Store apps and the version.

How Extensity for iOS works

Basically, you may install Extensify app to add new tweaks to some apps from App Store. Extensify “tweaks” are called “Exos”. And here you have the steps to install it:

  1. Download and Install Extensify app on your iOS device
  2. Search some Exos
  3. Build and install (after build the app you picked will be downloaded from iTunes with the new features – check the image)
  4. After that you will have two icons corresponding to the original app and the “plus app”

Extensify - Building - Download from iTunes Store

The”plus app” that is the app tweaked which has a “+” in the icon after the name and you can see in the next image.

Extensify - Vine and Vine Plus

Here are some popular Extensify tweaks:

  • Save made for Instagram
  • Save made for Vine
  • Downloader made for YouTube
  • Plus made for Twitter
  • Plus made for WhatApp
  • WhatPad made forWhatsApp
  • What Plus made for Twitter Does

extensify - exos

For example Plus made for Twitter adds cool new features to native Twitter app like: you can download videos from tweets directly to your Camera Roll, it adds a native Instagram viewer, you can see blocked profiles, permits to hide the “Follow” button and also allows longer direct messages. Wow … How amazing is that?

In the same way, Vine Plus brings the ability to save vines directly to your iPhone / iPad Camera Roll by tapping “…” icon and then “Save”.

Download and Install Extensify

Extensify will only be available for public in the middle of this month. Subscribe us. We will update you as soon as it is available and this section will be also updated.

Update: Extensify was finally launched a public version: check here how to download and install Extensify on iOS 9 without Jailbreak.

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