Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak (iOS 8.2 and 8.3)

In this post we will explain how you can Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak in any iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 or bellow. It was not tested in iOS 8.4 beta, but we think it will also work fine if you upgraded to iOS 8.4.

Following these instructions, you will be able to play any GameBoy Color game in your Apple device.

You will need no PC or Jailbreak to do this. Basically you’ll install an Emulator – Game Play Color only using Safari from you device and then download ROMS into your device so you can play any game you want (you can check this List of Game Boy Color games). After this brief introduction, let’s continue with the tutorial.

Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak

What do you need to Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak

Before we start, make sure you have Drive and ZipApp applications installed on you device. These applications can be downloaded directly from iTunes.

How to Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak

  • Open Safari and go to this url: (Game Play Color emulator)
  • Tap Share Button and then “Add to Home Screen“. And name it whatever you want like “Play GameBoy Color

Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak - add to home screen

  • The icon is now on you Home Screen, so just find it and tap to Open
  • It will request you to sign in with a Google Account. This step is important because you’ll need to save the ROMS in your Google Drive account
  • Tap “Accept” so the App can access to ROMS which will be downloaded into the Drive Account set in the last steps
  • Then you will see the Emulator screen with “Tap To Choose a Game” popup. Tap on the screen.

Install GameBoy Color Emulator Without Jailbreak - Tap to choose a game

  • You’ll get “No Games” information, because you have no ROM downloaded into your device yet. Close the application.
  • Open Safari and go to: (Love ROMS – here you will find a lot of ROMS)
  • Tap “Search Bar” in the middle of the screen
  • Write the name of the game you want. For example “Pokemon” or “Mario” to get the list of all the ROMS available
  • Select the game version you want and tap “Download” button
  • Select “Open in “ZipApp Free”
  • In the popup “Archive File Type” tap “Yes” to decompress
  • After decompression is complete, tap in the .gb file until you get “Open In..” option
  • Tap “Open In..” and select “Open In Drive
  • When on Google Drive, tap “Upload” to upload the .gb file to your Google Drive. Note: it is important to make sure the Drive Account you are signed in is the same you’ve selected on Emulator configuration.
  • Open the Emulator again from you Home Screen and tap the game that is now available and they are ready to start playing.
  • Repeat the download step so you can add all the games you want to the Emulator (Game Play Color)

Note: make sure you save the game files (.gb files) in the same Google Drive you used in the configuration, otherwise you can’t play any game.

This is awesome and very cool tutorial, if you liked it please share with your friends. Also share with more methods and GameBoy Color Emulator.


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