Install iOSEmus on iOS: Great Apps & Emulators, NO Jailbreak

iOSEmus is a Web App that permits to install great Apps, Games and Emulators on iOS without jailbreak. Now it also permits to jailbreak iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 without Computer.

Update: If you are seeking iOSEmus to jailbreak iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 check this: Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Without Computer: iOSEmus / Online Jailbreak. If not continue reading the post.

Apps like: vShare, PlayBox HD, Movie Box, nds4ios, DownCloud, PPSSPP, f.lux can be installed using iOSEmus with no Jailbreak / connection to PC need.

iOSEmus founder (aka AiiR) goal was to create a Over The Air App installation service allowing to install Apps and Emulators without jailbreaking need.

The iOSEmus is not the same Web App doing OTA installations on iDevices without jailbreak, but we’ve tested is for a couple of Apps (you can find it on some of our “without jailbreak tutorials”) and our verdict is very positive and we consider it one of the best.

Is that the app you looking for? So let’s give it a try let’s see how to install it and how it works.

How to install iOSEmus on iOS (iOS 8, iOS 9 and later)

Step 1: Open your browser (Safari) and go to: > then tap “Install Now!

Install iOSEmus - Open iOSEmus URL

Step 2: In the “Install Profile Window” > tap “Install”

Install iOSEmus - Install Profile

Step 3: Then you’ll get a Warning “Profile is not signet” > tap “Install”and a new pop-up with “Install Profile” > tap “Install” again

Install iOSEmus - Install Profile - Warning Profile Not Signed

Step 4: Back to the last page of your Home Screen by pressing the Home Button. iOSEmus app is now installed in your iOS device.

Install iOSEmus - iOSEmus installed

Now you have iOSEmus installed in your device we will briefly cover how to install Apps using iOSEmus with no Jailbreak

How to install Apps using iOSEmus

Check the next steps toinstall apps using iOSEmus.

Step 1: Open iOSEmus app from the Home Screen.

Step 2: After opening the app you’ve “Most Popular” and Newest Apps. You also can see at the bottom of the screen 4 icons: tap the “down arrow” icon to see all the Apps, Games an Emulators (check the image).

iOSEmus - navigation

Step 3: You’ll see now the “Apps & Emus” screen. Tap “All Apps and Emus” to list all Apps and Emulators (check the image).

iOSEmus - apps and Emus

Step 4: Now you are navigating trough all the available apps you may notice a vertical line (green or blue) in the left side of the icons. This line represents the status of the installation result. The green line represents signed app (the apps marked with green line may work fine in your device after installation). The blue line represents “May Not Work” apps. If there is no line means that installation result can’t be tested so apps can work or not after installation. We’ve tested the major part and they worked. Please note that this is not static. What means that developers are always updating the installations and if you check later may be that status changes.

iOSEmus signed and not signed apps

Step 5: Pick an app and tap “Install”. We’ve picked “Flapy Bird” as example.

Step 6: A new installation Windows will appear. Tap “Install”.

iOSEmus Flappy Bird

Step 7: A new will inform the app version and ask if you want to continue with installation. Tap “Install”.

iOSEmus - Flappy Bird Installation

Step 8: A new confirmation window “ would like to install …” window will pop-up. Tap “Install”.

iOSEmus - iosemus would like to install Flappy Bird

Step 9: Back to Home Screen pressing the Home Button and go to the last page. App is now installed. Just open it to test.

iOSEmus Flappy Bird Installed

iOSEmus - PLaying Flappy Bird



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