Install Movie Box on iOS 9.1 & 9.2 Without Jailbreak

Install Movie Box on iOS 9 with and without JailbreakThis method will give you all the needed information to install Movie Box on iOS 9. It will work in any Apple iPhone 4, 5, 6 and Plus such as in any Apple iPad (including the brand new Apple iPad Pro).With Movie Box you can watch / stream movies without previous download need. If you know PopCorn Time, it work in the same way.

Step 1: Open up Safari application

Step 2: Go to > Tap “Download Un-Jailbroken” (the blue button on the left)

Step 3: A pop-up will inform that vShare would like to install > Tap “Install” and close Safari

Step 4: You’ll see vShare installing (in the last page of your Home Screen). When installation is complete don’t open vShare. Tap “Cancel” when you get the first pop-up after the installation

Step 5: Go to “Settings > “General” >”Profiles” Tap on the Profile you see in the next image.

Install Movie Box on iOS 9 - profiles

Step 6: Then tap on “Trust …” and tap on Trust once again.

Step 7: Open the vShare application

Step 8: Tap search

Step 9: In the search bar type “Movie Box”

Install Movie Box on iOS 9 - vShare - Movie Box

Step 10: Movie Box 3.3.7 (~ 7.87 MB) > Tap on “Download”

Step 11: Go to Download in the left menu > Go to “Downloading” tab

Step 12: You’ll see a message popup “.. would you like to install Movie Box” > tap “Install”

Step 13: You’ll see Movie Box v 3.3.7 installing on your non jailbroken iDevice

Step 14: Open Movie Box from Home Screen and wait while it process

Install Movie Box on iOS 9 - Movie Box running

Right now you may see all the movies from Movie Box on your iDevice just pick one, sort by rating or other criteria you want.

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