Install Movie Box Without Jailbreak (iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3)

iOS device users are not allowed to install 3rd party applications, and some people is not jailbreaking theirs devices because it is a process that is not official (or because it needs some research or because some people thinks it will compromise the warranty).

In this method (iOSEmus method), you will not need a jailbroken device, you can install movie box without jailbreak in your iOS device.

This is compatible with iOS 8.1.3, 8.2 and 8.3 (beta 4) both in iPhone and iPad devices (not tested yet in iPod) and can be used to install a set of another cool apps.

download movie box and music box from iosemus

  • Step 1: using Safari, access to the following website:
  • Step 2: you will see 4 icons, click on the 2nd link (the Red arrow)
  • Step 3: Scroll down the list and select the application you want to install (note that you have green line and red line, in which red line corresponds to applications not installed or updated in your phone and the green line corresponds to the applications signed). the installation gos without need of jailbreak (depending on the date you are reading this, you have cool applications and a big amount of emulators).
  • Step 4: Go to your menu and see the shortcut for your installed application.

Other cool apps from iOSEmus: vShare, SoundCloud, Play Box, MAME4iOS etc.

We’ve noticed some users can’t install Movie Box from iOSEmus (that can be conformed in the notice we are pasting here – see image bellow). We’ve tried with success, so for those who are experiencing some troubles with iOSEmus we are preparing a new post with Movie Box without Jailbreak tutorial alternative to iOSEmus. Check here: Install Movie Box iOS 8.x without Jailbreak working 2015 (iOSEmus alternative method)

iOSEmus update


  • Added iOSEmus 15.03 Update notice (15.05.20)
  • Added link to iOSEmus alternative method (15.05.20)

If you’ve installed it, please share the results with us.


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