Install PPSSPP Without Jailbreak on iOS 8 (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Download and Install PPSSPP Without Jailbreak on iOS 8: Hi everyone, today we are presenting one of the available methods to play PSP (Play Station Portable) games on your iPhone, iPad and other iDevices running iOS.

As this method doesn’t requires Jailbreak, it will work on any iOS 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 beta firmware device. But attention because some games will not work 100% on this amazing PSP emulator for iOS because only jailbroken devices have all the features PPSSPP needs to run perfectly but a lot of them will run perfectly.

Any way, for a lot of games and if you don’t have Jailbreak / Cydia this can be really cool method. If you want a preview of PPSPP running on iPhone, check the next image.

PPSSPP running on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Now that we have presented the emulator to play PSP games in your iPhone or iPad, let’s introduce the method to install PPSSPP on your device without using Cydia.

Install PPSSPP Without Jailbreak on iOS 8 (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Install PPSSPP Without Jailbreak  (a)

The following steps will let you install PPSSPP without jailbreak and then we will also introduce a method to download all PSP ROMS (games) using a Computer.

  • Step 1 (a): Open this URL: in Safari
  • Step 2 (a): Go to “Apps” tab
  • Step (a): Scroll down until you see PPSSPP icon and tap on the icon


  • Step 4 (a): Tap on “Install“. When the “ would like to install “PPSSPP”” popup opens, tap Install and Install again if needed

download PPSSPP emulator

  • Step 5 (a): Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Date & Time” > Turn OFF “Set Automatically” > Change the time to one or more days back
  • Step 6 (a): Launch PPSSPP App from your home screen (run it for the first time)
  • Step 7 (a): Exit from PPSSPP tapping the home button
  • Step 8 (a): Got to “Settings” > “General” > “Date & Time” > Turn ON “Set Automatically”

If you already have a good PSP ROM source, you are done. If not, continue reading to know how to download any PSP game for playing on your your iOS.

Download PSP ROMS for PPSSPP (b)

Now you have your PSP emulator for iOS installed in your non-jailbroken device. Let’s see how to download ROMS (games) for your emulator. You will need a Computer with Windows or Mac OS installed.

  • Step 1 (b): Open you favorite browser in your PC and go to:

coolrom roms for psp

  • Step 2 (b): Tap the game you want and then go to “Download Now

psp game download

  • Step 3 (b): you will be prompted to a new window, see the video and click “download”. The download will start in a few seconds
  • Step 4 (b): uncompress the 7zip file (you can use a tool like “Winrar” for Windows and Mac or an alternative for Mac like “The Unarchiver”)
  • Step 5 (b): Plug your iPhone / iPad or the device where you have installed PPSSPP to your computer
  • Step 6 (b): Open iTunes > Select the device > Go to Apps tab > Scroll down until you see PPSSPP app

itunes - upload ROMs to PPSSPP

  • Step 7 (b): drag the .ISO file you have when uncompressed 7zip file on Step 4(b) to the main folder (not to PSP sub-folder)
  • Step 8 (b): Go to your iDevice and launch “PPSSPP” App. You now see the Game icon and to play you just need to tap the Game Logo.

PSP ROM running on iPhone - PPSSPP Emulator

And you are done, you can download any games you want. For that you just need to repeat the Instructions (b). Please make sure you have the original games, ROMS may be used as backup once you have the originals.

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