Install Setbeat on iOS Without Jailbreak (Spotify Premium alternative)

Download and Install Setbeat (free Spotify Premium alternative) with Offline mode feature and much more. Working on iPhone, iPad, iPod on  iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 7. Update 2016/2017.

Setbeat is a great app for iOS for downloading / listening music with Spotify Premium like features including “Offline Mode”. But this is not the only great feature. Check these:

Setbeat main features

  • Listen music from your iDevice with or without Internet
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Singing with Karaoke (amazing right?)
  • Download songs
  • Save songs/music to listen later

The installation website is not in English language. But don’t worry because here you have images explaining all you need to install it on your device.

Install Setbeat on iOS 9, iOS 10 (No Computer, No Jailbreak)

Step 1 – Open Safari or your browser and go here:

Step 2 – Tap the big Green Button (check the first image). Then tap (…) and tap the new green button again (check the second image).

First button to tap:

Second button to tap:

Step 3 – Tap “Install” on “ would like o install Setbeat”.

Step 4 – Trust the profile to skip the “Untrusted developer” popup. For that: open the Setting app > General > Profiles & Device Management. Then find find the profile associated to Setbeat app (D’ Austin SAC was the one for us). Tap on it and then tap on Setbeat icon for trust.

After Step 5 Setbeat is now correctly installed. Launch the app to check this awesome alternative to Spotify Premium.

Other great feature is that music can play while Setbeat is minimized (pressing the Home Button) as happens with Spotify.

For the first time we found an app the is a good alternative for Spotify Premium. If you are tired of using Spotify this alternative is for you. The app is in Spanish but an English version may be released soon.


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