Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 + Games Without Jailbreak (SNES)

Install Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 and bellow: If you want the ability to play Super Nintendo games on your iOS 6 – iOS 8.4 device, whether it is an iPhone or an iPad, you will need to follow these instructions.

Install SNES iOS 8

No jailbreak or computer is required to get this to work on your device. The application that is required, however, is called Remote Files, which has a hidden ability to allow iOS users to play Super Nintendo games on their devices.

Install Remote Files on iOS 8.x

The following method doesn’t requites jailbreak / cydia but it expires every time you reboot your device because the certificate installed will expire. If that happens to you you just need to re-install it following the same steps.

  • Step 1: Open iEmulators opening Safari and going to to get it
  • Step 2: You will notice that there are notifications at the top of the homepage that will tell you which applications are working and which are not
  • Step 3: To install Remote Files, all you will have to do is select “Install” on the iEmulators homepage. Then select “Install” when the little prompt comes up on your screen (with this message: “ would like to install “Remote Files””)

Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 - Remote Files

Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 - Remote Files 2

This app will work as long as your device stays on. If you turn you device off and back on, it will check to see if it is still working, and if Apple revoked it, it will not work.

You will also need DropBox, which you can get by simply going to the App Store and installing it (or just tap the icon bellow to install it). Once you have this app, log into your account or create a free one.

Download Dropbox from iTunes

  • Step 4: Open Remote Files and tap the “+” sign and connect your DropBox account to Remote Files
  • Step 5: Then close Remote Files from the task-bar and you will have the name of it and your account

Download Super Nintendo Games (ROMS) for iOS device

After installing Remote Files you just need to download ROMS to play your favorite Super Nintendo Games in your iOS device. To do that, follow the next steps:

  • Open Safari and visit:
  • Once you get to the site, select “Start browsing now”, and “Search by Console

Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 - download roms

  • You can scroll through all of the different games that are available for SNES on the website to find the ones you want
  • After you have found the game you want, simply click it and tap “Download
  • Open the ROM in DropBox and rename it to whatever you want and select “Save” – Remote Files will load the ROMS you have saved in your DropBox iOS app.

Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 - open with dropbox

  • Open up Remote Files and go to the DropBox section and your ROM will be there. If it is a .zip file, you will need to click it twice to open it.

Install Super Nintendo on iOS 8.4 - Play the game


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