Install TutuApp on iOS 11 without Jailbreak or PC [ 2017 / 2018 update ]

Download and Install TutuApp on iOS 11 iPhone / iPad without Jailbreak or PC [ 2017 / 2018 update ].

This app is one of the mos known 3rd party AppStore app. During all this time after its release some installation methods were presented.

In 2017 Tutu team simplified TutuApp installation for iOS and it’s easier now to install it on your iPhone / iPad. Another 2017 big change: The Tutu team developed now a connection with Nesstool app which is an VPN protection to prevent installed app from being revoked.

Install TutuApp on iOS 11

Step 1 – From your iOS device open > tap the green Download Now button. The site will automatically detect if you are iOS or Android user and it will redirect to the corresponding installation link. If not check the top menu and switch to Apple icon.

Step 2 – Open Settings app > General > Profiles > Pick the Profile associated to TutuApp (check under Enterprise Profiles) > Tap “Trust” twice and get the Profile trusted. If success you may see “Delete App” button (don’t tap that). You are done go back for Home Screen.

Also decide if you want to allow or not for notifications from – it’s not mandatory app will work correctly.

504 Gateway Timeout – if you are getting this error while trying to install TutuApp don’t worry. It is a temporary error that happens sometimes caused by high load on server.

From Home Screen go for TutuApp icon and launch it. Nesstool will automatically launched to prevent apps from being revoked. You’ll be notified about that swipe right until you enter in the application.

For iOS 10 / 9 / 8 read this:

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