Install vShare on iOS 8 – iOS 8.4 (with and without Jailbreak)

In this post we will cover how to Download and Install vShare using all available methods on iPhone and iPad devices runnings iOS 8 to iOS 8.4 with and without jailbreak.

Introducing vShare

vShare is a platform (similar to Apple Store) that permits users to download Apps and Games for Free. vShare is also native and fully compatible with jailbroken devices, however we also will write about how to download and install it on non jailbroken devices (without jailbreak).

install vshare on ios 8

You can access to Apple vShare Market to see all the apps you have available. You can also download cydia Apps from vShare market (for the case you have cydia installed).

Magazines is another section of vShare marketplace. This app sucsses is so huge that sometimes servers are completely smashed, if you are facing loading problems, try USA hours with less traffic.

vshare market

How to Download & Install vShare in you iDevice

Basically you have 3 distinct methods to install vShare: 1) install vShare using the repos we will post following; 2) install vShare in you iDevice using an computer and a Windows installer; 3) install vShare directly from your device using Safari to access to the installer (may be the last method is the best because you don’t need to connect your iDevice to any computer and if you are running last iOS versions without jailbreak you can also proceed).

How to Download & Install vShare with Jailbreak

Before covering this, please make sure you run an iOS version that is jailbreakable and sure you have your device jailbroken with cydia installed. If you decided for this method, basically you just need to jailbreak you device, add the repos we will list next to cydia ad install vShare from there. Just check out how you can do it (follow the instructions):

  • Step 1: Find the suitable jailbreak tool for your iOS version / device (you can find in our site a lot of information, if you are running iOS 8.0 – 8.1.2 or iOS 8.2 beta, you can check download TaiG Jailbreak Tool note: you will only be able to use TaiG tool with Windows, Mac version is not ready yet) and jailbreak your device if you have not yet.
  • Step 2: Open Cydia > Got to Settings (tap “Manage” icon)
  • Step 3: Tap “Sources” > “Edit” > “Add
  • Step 4: Add the 2 official vshare repos: and
  • Step 5: When the step 4 is complete, go to Cydia and search vshare, and they should be available from the previous repositories
  • Step 6: Install vshare using cydia
  • Step 7: Exit from cydia
  • Step 8: Launch the app from your home screen (will be available after the step 6)

add a repo to cydia sources list

Following the previous steps you will have your vshare app up and running. Now let’s see the methods: using a Windows Computer and directly from your iDevice.

How to Download & Install vShare without Jailbreak from your PC

Let’s see how to download and install vshare using a Windows PC and vhsare installer.

  • Step 1: Open your default browser and go to website
  • Step 2: Click on the blue icon (see the image) to lauch the download
  • Step 3: Save the installer on your PC and then decompress the installer
  • Step 4: Plug you iDevice to you computer
  • Step 5: Open (from PC) the installer you’ve downloaded on step 3
  • Step 6: Follow the wizard to complete the vshare installation using Windows installer
  • Step 7: Go to your device and open vshare from the home screen


Download and Install vShare on iOS 8 - 8.4

Let’s see probably the most efficient and easy way to install vshare, directly from your device.

How to Download & Install vShare from your iDevice (with and without jailbreak)

If you want to install vShare directly from you iDevice you can acess to website, and running iOS you will see a different screen from when you are accessing from your Computer. Now you see “Download (Unjailbroken)” and “Download (Jailbroken)”, so this method will work for both Jailbroken and Unjailbroken devices.

  • Step 1: Open Safari and go to
  • Step 2: Tap one of the green download buttons (depending on you device jailbreak status)

Install vShare without Jailbreak from your iDevice

  • Step 3: when the would like to install “vShare” popup opens, tap Install

Install vShare from your iDevice (with and without jailbreak) - step 2

  • Step 4: wait until installation finishes and tap vShare icon from the Home Screen to launch vShare. Your device is now ready to run vShare and start downloading games, apps and magazines.

Install vShare from your iDevice (with and without jailbreak) - step 4)

Important note: if you are facing crashes after some days, please try to remove Moviebox, close all browsers you have opened, reset you device and you Internet connection and then install vShare and Moviebox again. Probably it will fix your problems.

Please note this is an informative post, the decision about using this kind of platforms is up to you. We’ve described and compared the ways you currently have to install vshare. It can be used to archive/backup media you’ve purchased.

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