Install vShare Professional iOS 9+ vShare Helper for PC (no jailbreak)

Install vShare Professional: vShare launched an amazing tool: the vShare Professional. vShare Professional installation process is a little different from older vShare. You may install the “vShare Helper” (also known as vShare Assistant) on your PC and then you can install vShare Professional on you iDevice connecting it to your PC. Why should I install vShare Professional

We’ve tested vShare Pprofessional and the performance is better than the old vShare version (the device version used until now). vShare Helper will also give you the ability to backup your files and drop music directly tothe Music App (continue reading to know more).

Affter the installation you’ll be able to install Apps and other resources (Games, Music, Media, Ringtones etc.) directly from your iDevice (using vShare Professional) or trough your PC (using vShare helper).

Installing vShare Helper (vShare Assistant) + Install vShare Professional

Requirements: you’ll need the last iTunes version so vShare Professional can work properly. vShare Professional is completely free.

  • From you PC open this url: > Go to “Download now” button.

Install vShare Professional for PC - Step 1

  • Run “vShareSteup.exe” file form the folder where you’ve downloaded the file. This is 100% safe. This will install “vShare 3 helper” in your PC.
  • You’ll now get “vShare 3 helper” wizard. Select the installation destination folder > Pick “IPA File AutoAssociate” and hit “Install” button > at the end of the installation click “Go”.

Install vShare Professional - vshare helper 3

  • Once installation process if finished you’ll see the next screen. Connect you iDevice to your Computer.

Install vShare Professional - PC

  • Once connected your device is connected you’ll see the next screen.

Install vShare Professional - device tab

  • Bellow the vShare icon you’ll see the “Loading..” message until program reads your device. When it is ready you’ll see the Idle and Used Space (check the next image). Then Tap on the blue vShare Scree. That’s the vShare Professional and tapping on that it will be installed in the iDevice you connected to your PC.

Install vShare Professional - install vShare Professional

  • You can explore the “APP” tab. In this tab you can search and install any app in your connected iDevice. You have an online repository with Genuine apps and Jailbreak apps.

Install vShare Professional - vShare helper - App Tab

  • The Music tab will only work with iTunes. The free music you’ll download here will go directly to your Music App.

How to install apps from vShare Helper (PC version)

  • Hit the icon of the app you want. Tap on the icon to see the downloading apps.

Install vShare Professional - installing app

  • When the download is done. 1) go to APP on the left menu and 2) tap the green arrow to install the app. The the installation progress hits the 100% the app is installed on your device. You can now go to your device and launch the app.

Install vShare Professional - how to install an app

Conclusion: vShare Helper is an PC suite application that will assist you managing your iDevice and with vShare Professional installation on your device increasing the performance comparing to the old version. You can use bot vShare Helper (from you PC) and vShare Professional (from your device) to install apps on your device.



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