iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks to get movies, tv shows, Live TV, Music and Emulators

Cydia tweaks to get movies, tv shows, Live TV, Music and Emulators compatible with iOS 10 jailbreak: There are a couple different methods that you can use to get a lot of great things, including movies, live TV, music emulators and a bunch of other tweaks on your device completely free. Those who want the things they cannot even get on Cydia (by default) will definitely need to follow these instructions.

1 – Add dtathemas Repo to Cydia

Launch Cydia and hit Sources, Edit, Add. Type ““repo into the empty box provided and click Add Source.

Once you are done tap Return to Cydia.

2 – Add HackYouriPhone Repo to Cydia

You will need to enter one final source, which is ““. Tap Add Source after you have entered the URL. Then return to Cydia.

3 – Exploring these repos

In your sources, the bulk of the goodies are in the dtathemes Repo. Go ahead and tap on it and All Packages. You will be able to see a lot of great things that you will be able to access, including LiveTV, MovieBox 3, and a lot of other things.

HYI (HackYouriPhone) repo has also a lot of cool stuff including: live wallpapers, lockbuilder themes, logo operatore, ringtones, ROMs, themes and more.

  • Install tweaks: Once you find something you want, just tap Install, Confirm, and Return to Cydia. After you do those things you will have whatever you wanted.

4 – Fixing app crashes

If the app is crashing via Cydia repo, you will be able to install any .ipa from any site for completely free. Hit Search and then in the top bar top in Filza 3. Tap Install and then return to Cydia.

You will then need to search for MTermnal, hit Install and then Confirm. Then you will want to search for and install iCleaner. Restart the springboard and when you are back you will have all three of these things.

This method will work for any website that offers .ipa as a download. This is for anything that is not in Cydia or is crashing. When you try to download a .ipa from a website, it should automatically open in Filza.

You will now have the .ipa in your documents. Tap on the .ipa file and extract it. Tap into the blue folder and tap into payloads and hold onto the .app file. Tap Copy and then Skip.

Once copied, keep going back until you get to “/”. Go into the Clipboard, which is where all of your applications are, and Paste. Hit the on the little eye icon, then sticky, then Mask. Make sure all of the boxes are ticked in this section.

Now you will need to go to Terminal to refresh the device. Type in “uicache”. After that hit return and wait for a while until it goes to the next line. Hit the Home button and your application will be there.

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