iOS 10 Messages App New Features

Apple recently announced that there will be a number of different features for the Messages app with the new iOS 10 that is set to come out soon.

iOS 10 Messages App features: a lot of these features have been highly anticipated by Apple users, so it is definitely exciting to hear that there will so many new options for those who have an iPhone.


Messages Will Show Media inside Chat Conversations

Starting with iOS 10 messages will show media inside chat conversations, so you will get a preview display for all links and images that are sent to you or that you send to others.

Don’t need to leave music / videos to write messages

You will also be able to play tracks on Apple Music as well as videos without having to leave the app. A lot of jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 already permitted to do that. Now you don’t need to jailbreak your device to have this features.

Camera functionality enhanced

Another great thing about the Messages app in iOS 10 is that camera functionality has been significantly enhanced, allowing users to see what the camera is focusing on.

You will also be able to browse through the photos that you’ve recently taken alongside the camera view.

Emojis: predictions and words corresponding

Those who use the Messages app in iOS 10 will notice that emoji predictions will pop up as you type.

Messages will also highlight certain words that have corresponding emojis, so you can transform them into images with just the tap of a button.

The emojis in the iOS 10 Messages app will be three times larger than they used to be in chat conversations.

New feature: Bubble Effects

There is also a new feature for the Messages app called “Bubble Effects,” which will allow you to expand or deflate chat bubbles in the chat screen.

You will also be able to reveal the contents of the bubbles for a more dramatic effect.

Messages in iOS 10 will support handwritten message bubbles, and there is a Digital Touch feature that is similar to that of the Apple Watch, so you can sketch responses, share your heartbeat and much more.

Full screen animated background

There are also going to be full screen animated background effects within the Messages app, including things like fireworks and disco lights.

A new third-party ‘iMessages apps’ will be added in a dedicated app drawer, like what you find in Facebook Messenger.

The “i” next to each person’s name

There will be a little “i” next to each person’s name, which you can click to see a number of chat options, including Call, Facetime and Message.

You can also share your current location or share your location at any given moment.

Send Read Receipts feature

At the bottom you can turn on “Send Read Receipts” to let the person you are talking to know that you read their messages.

You can set this option for individual contacts, whereas before it applied to all contacts when it was activated.

Little arrow tap

When you tap on the little arrow at the button of the chat screen, you will have a few options that include the ability to take or a send a picture or video.

You can also choose a photo from your camera roll; if you swipe to the left you will see your entire camera roll.

If you tap and hold onto the blue button, you will get the “Slam”, “Loud”, and “Gentle” options.

Once the person receives the photo, they won’t be able to see it until they swipe underneath.

Selecting photos

When you tap to select photos, you can tap the blue button to choose from a number of different full screen animations.

There are quite a few different cool little animations that you will have to choose from. If you tap on “edit,” you get everything you would in your Cameras app to edit your photos before you send them to the person you are talking to.

You can also highlight a particular section of an image, add text, and change the color, size and font of the text.

Signature in messages

You also have the ability to send a signature, so you can write out a signature and send it with the images you send.

The second option that is available in the chat window next to the camera icon is the heart, which will give you different colors to choose from when you want to draw and send something to the person you’re talking to.

You can send them by simply tapping on “sent.” If you tap and hold with two fingers, you can actually send the person your heart rate. Tap and hold with the particular section to send your pulse.

Double tap with two fingers

If you double tap with two fingers, you will be able to send kisses. If you swipe down with two fingers, you can send a broken heart. You will see the animations of broken hearts show up on the other side.

Go full screen with a single tap and send an animation quickly and easily. There are some buttons on the bottom, one of which allows you to send little gifs and animations as well as view recent if you want.

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