I’m On iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2 – Should I Update to iOS 8.3?

Should I Update to iOS 8.3? Before discussing the question “should I update iOS 8.1.3 or 8.2 to iOS 3”, let’s talk about what was done in iOS 8.3 update. Here are the main features that iOS .3 update will bring to you.

Important Post Update 1: A new jailbreak for iOS 8.3 will be released soon son what we’ve posted here will not be valid after iOS 8.3 update. Check the bottom of this page for more information.

Important Post Update 1: This post when was written, advised to the iOS 8.3 new features, and regarding to jailbreak status. But now, we know that some users are reporting battery issues on iPhone 6 and bellow. The battery after upgrade to iOS8.3 is draining faster than in the versions bellow.

So, if battery life is important to you, besides jailbreak status, consider waiting until you upgrade to new iOS 8.3 or until Apple fix this (may be with the release of a stable version).

ios 8.3 jaibreak news

Major iOS 8.3 update features

  • Siri functionality for is now available for additional languages
  • The space-bar in Safari was improved
  • Wireless CarPlay connectivity is now compatible
  • ApplePay support to the China UnionPay network (is this relevant?)
  • Google 2-Step verification supported
  • Brings a revised Emoji selection method for iOS’ default keyboard
  • New skin for select Emoji
  • You can initiate a speakerphone call via Siri
  • A New non-contact filters for Messages App

For me that features are not important so I’ll wait until the iOS 3 Jailbreak is ready. You can check here the current iOS 3 Jailbreak Status (at the date of this post, it is not ready yet, but we’ve the information that jailbreak teams, namely TaiG are working on the new utility).

For those who have their iDevices unbroken they can securely update (only via iTunes main update method) knowing with sure they will be covered in the new iOs3 Jailbreak.

Important note: what was said before is not valid for Aples’s OTA Feature (the update process is not the same as iTunes), so stay away from OTA from now.

Conclusion: If you have a unjailbroken device, go ahead for iOS 8.3 update when available via iTunes, otherwise, wait until new Jailbreak iOS 8.3 is available from a trust source.


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