iOS 8 Tips To Increase Battery Life (iPhone and iPad)

iPhone 6 was launched and somedays after it was also launched iOS 8. The new iPhone 6 is bigger and has better hardware as expected (battery was also improved). You can read the main differences between iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new Apple OS, the iOS also has great new features.

As we known, iPhone don’t permit battery replacement by the users for daily needs. By other words, to replace the iPhone battery users need to take the device for support agent or open (by his own risk) the device and replace the battery by a brand new one.

Enable GPS position for apps only when they are in use

An amazing iOS 8 feature is the option to enable your position sharing with apps only the apps are in use because all operations using GPS are battery killing operations.

  • Tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services

You have now 3 options for each app:

  1. Allow location access Never
  2. Allow location access While Using The App
  3. Allow location access Always

If you select “While Using the App” your location only will be used when the app is running in the foreground.


iOS 8 Battery Usage to kill huge consuming battery apps

This feature is very useful each time you notice you battery is going too fast. To open battery usage:

  • Tap Settings > Usage > Battery Usage

Here you can check stats for past 24 hours and last 7 days



Disable some app notifications

If the some apps are annoying you have a good option here. Go and disable notifications, you will get peace of mind and better battery life!

  • Tap Settings > Notifications > Select An App

And that’s it, never get a notification again to use the app again. But note that if you are not using some apps the best hing to do is to completely remove it from your device (you can reinstall it when you want again).

Disable Notifications for annoying apps

After applying these tips you will notice your iPhone battery life will be better than before. Test it by yourself and tell us about the results .. There are some apps on Apple Store to improve your battery management but major part is paid and sometimes you will not gain much more than if you follow these directions.

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