iOS 9 Compatible Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad Jailbroken Devices

We have great news! Remember when Apple announced big security release (Rootless Explained)? Everyone was asking if iOS 9 jailbreak would be possible. So guess what …  iOS 9 jailbreak was just released (check here:  Download Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 9).

Now, let’s see which tweaks are compatible with the new iOS 9 Jailbreak.

We’ve been noticed that Cydia started crashing after Pangu iOS 9 jailbreak. So this list is also important to keep away from non compatible iOS 9 jailbreak tweaks.

ios9 jailbreak - compatible cydia tweaks

iOS 9 Compatible Cydia Tweaks for iPhone, iPad Jailbroken Devices: We are listing the compatible Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 jailbreak and we count with your help to keep this list updated.

  1. 20 Second Lockscreen (BigBoss or default Cydia Repository) – Description: This Tweak Makes the Lock Screen stay on for 20 seconds (instead of the 5 seconds by default).
  2. ABCopyTXT – Description: ABCopyTXT Cydia Tweak Enables copying text in Alien Blue.
  3. AccountLabels – Description: enable labels on Mail App.
  4. AlienBlue++ (BigBoss or default Cydia Repository) – Description: This tweak enables the ability to save and or copy images, GIF files, and Youtube videos etc.
  5. Anchor – Description: Anchor Cydia Tweak enables the ability place spaces between Home screen app icons. Wow.. that’s just amazing!
  6. Anemone (BigBoss or default Cydia Repository) – Description: Anemone is probably the best Winterboard Alternative for iOS.
  7. Apple File Conduit 2 – “AFC2” (BigBoss or default Cydia Repository) – Description: “Apple File Conduit” is how computer programs (iTunes, iPhoto etc.) can read and write files from your Apple device over USB. This is not open for Apple Owners, it’s “jailed”. “AFC2” Cydia Tweak allows full file-system access.
  8. ASUpadteHider – Description: This tweak silences some annoying App Store Updates.
  9. BatteryLife – Description: This tweak will improve your battery life.
  10. BatteryUsageEnchacer (Elijah and Andrew’s Planet Cydia Repository) – Description: does the same thing.
  11. BetterFourByFourFolders – Description: let’s you to put up to 16 apps in a single app folder on the Home Scree.
  12. BetterWifi7 – Description: this tweak enhances the iOS WiFi and provides WiFi network list customization.
  13. Bloard – Description: “Black Keyboard” This tweak will give you the ability to turn your light/white keyboard into a light black keyboard (better for the eyes).
  14. BootLogoCustomusiser – Description: in this case, it gives the ability to change the Boot Logo for iOS 9. Cool … Right?
  15. CacheClearer – Description: cleans your iOS 9 cache memory.
  16. CC Deseparator – Description: this tweak removes the Control Center separator lines.
  17. ClassicDock – Description: With this tweak, you can bring back the iOS 6 dock in iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9! Install and never look at that iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9 dock again. You can enable “Reflect Icons” or “Display Running Indicators” features.
  18. CleanSheets – (Saurik Cydia Repository) Description: The CleanSheets cydia tweak gives the ability to change the action sheets to an alert pop-up and removes all the lines from the alerts.
  19. ClearLockNotifications (BigBoss Repository) – Description: Using this tweak you’ll be able to clear all notifications from Lock Screen. Tapping any icon from notifications to show the close button.
  20. CyDelete8 (Saurik Cydia Repository) Description: CyDelete tweak makes it possible to Uninstall cydia apps directly from the SpringBoard (as you may be familiar for the AppStore applications).
  21. DietBar (BigBoss Repository) – Description: DietBar Cydia Tweak reduces the thickness of you navigation bar on your iPhone / iPad.
  22. Disk Pie (Saurik Cydia Repository) – Description: Disk Pie tweak will allow you to control and optimize your disk usage. You can see the space used in your iDevice (also compatible with iPad and iPod touch) and clean some stuff you don’t use anymore (including temporary data and cydia packages).
  23. FB ++ (Facebook ++) (Saurik Cydia Repository) -Description: With this tweak you can get back the App Messenger, get control to see “most recent” feeds, the ability to download videos from Facebook posts, send unlimited photos, use timestamp on all messages, disable VoIP, disable videos auto-play, enable full-screen mode & more.
  24. Flat Notes (Big Boss Repository) – Description: transform the default notes app layout into a most minimalistic one.
  25. Fuse – Description: this tweak enables the ability to have bot music controls and clock interface on Lock Screen.
  26. GroupMe
  27. iCleaner
  28. IDBox
  29. iFile
  30. Instagram++
  31. LegacySwitcher
  32. LocationFaker8
  33. LockSafety
  34. Minimal Hosts Blocker

All the cydia tweaks here listed are fully compatible with iOS 9 Jaibreak. We are thankful for all developers that upgraded their tweaks to run fine on iOS 9.

Help us to keep this list updated. Just drop here in comments section the tweaks you’ve tested (and version) that are compatible with your iOS 9 jailbroken device.

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